We are looking forward to connecting with you!

We would like to partner you for exciting innovation with your unique expertise, novel technology or ready-to-go product that can address the technical challenges. You can simply share with us a brief and clear description of your solution at non-confidential level in English or German. Please also include the patent information in the submission. We will only review the submissions that are protected with granted patent or published patent application.

Please read and agree our data protection provisions before filling in the submission form. 

Please be noted that:

  • Your submission should be legally representable by you.
  • Your submission should not contain any confidential information.
  • Your ideas/expertise should be protected with intellectual property; do not rely on Henkel in any way for legal advice, including (but not limited to) whether the contents of submission can be protected under IP law.
  • Henkel may already be independently working on the similar technology as covered by the submission.
  • No contractual obligation or working relationship is being established between you and Henkel by submitting this information.

The examination and evaluation process may take 6-8 weeks. We will notify you of the results once we have a decision.

You can provide a clear description of the innovation, including the core technology, unique features, and benefits. Please also attach a copy a granted patent or published patent application.

No. It is to protect the legal rights of the owners of ideas and works. For your protection and ours, we may decline to review your submission if it appears to lack intellectual property protection.

No. We only review the nonconfidential information at current stage. If there is potential to further engage, we will discuss with you regarding any needed agreement.

Mostly we don’t proceed to next steps because of the reasons below:

  • The technology is known to us, or we have tested it before. 
  • The solution doesn’t fit any challenge that we have prioritized.
  • The opportunity doesn’t match strategically with our business scope. 

In any case, we try to send you at least a short message.


We will use your data for the purpose of replying to your submission after internal review and evaluation. The processing and use of your data is based on statutory provisions which justify those operations on the grounds that the processing is necessary for processing your submission. We will store the data no longer than needed in order to fulfill the aforementioned purpose or as long as required in case any statutory retention obligation applies. If you want to withdraw your data before we completed the aforementioned evaluation process, please contact us via E-Mail (

For more information on how Henkel processes your personal data please refer to our Data Protection Statement.

*In order to provide you with quick feedback, it is absolutely necessary that you send us the information marked with a red asterisk. Other information is optional and will only be used to respond to your questions, suggestions or requests.