Sep 24, 2019  Düsseldorf / Germany

Wide interest in Henkel bonds

Henkel successfully issued bonds with a volume of 850 million euros

Henkel successfully placed two bonds worth a total of the equivalent of 850 million euros on the capital market. One bond with a volume of the equivalent of 450 million euros and a maturity of three years and another bond with a volume of the equivalent of 400 million euros and a maturity of seven years were placed. The proceeds are used to repay parts of the Group's current commercial paper liabilities.

With this issue, Henkel made use of favorable capital market conditions and optimized interest rate conditions, in particular by issuing bonds in British pounds. Converted into euros, both bonds have a negative yield. Both issues are fully hedged against currency risks. The successful placement of the two bonds once again underlines the company's high credit quality and its excellent access to the capital markets.

The placement of the bonds was significantly oversubscribed and attracted wide interest by international investors. Joint active bookrunners were BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, NatWest Markets and Société Générale.