Adhesive Technologies Markets

Solutions from Henkel can be found in many objects that are manufactured, which touch our lives every day: cars, books and magazines, computers, aircraft, refrigerators, cell phones, furniture, textiles, packaging, and many more. Find out more about the markets we operate in.

Aircraft Manufacturing and Maintenance

With over 50 years of expertise under our wings, Henkel is a leader in structural adhesives and surface treatments for the aircraft OEM and MRO industries.  No matter your challenge, we can help. Listed in over 5,000 aerospace specifications, we are ready to support your processes from beginning to end, across the globe. Henkel invests heavily in R&D to provide a wide range of Bonderite and Loctite products to tackle any manufacturing or maintenance need. With proven expertise and global distribution network, Henkel’s innovative materials provide our customers with practical, economic and performance benefits.

Our products meet tough regulations and exacting specifications. But we're not satisfied with the now. We're always looking for necessary advancements in aircraft manufacturing and maintenance.

Automotive & Transportation

Henkel is the key partner and solution provider in the design, development, manufacture and maintenance of cars, trucks, aircraft, and transportation systems. Our high-performance adhesives and sealants allow customers to design and build advanced, lightweight constructions and enable seemingly conflicting aims such as higher speeds and lower fuel consumption.

Because we're involved early in the design and development processes, we can provide tailor-made solutions to market challenges and needs. The result is a distinct competitive advantages as well as environmentally responsible and cost-effective operations.

Craftsmen & Professionals

Henkel provides a portfolio of Craftsmen brands designed to satisfy professional business needs for tiling & flooring, painting, woodworking and plumbing specialists tasks.

Henkel Adhesives offers a highly innovative portfolio of craftsmen brands specifically designed to satisfy professional business needs. Since 1876 Henkel services at best customer needs through advanced technology and partnering. Just click on the left hand side menu your desired needs and we will connect you to the specialist task page. We are also pleased to state that Henkel products endorse and perform in compliance with strict ecological standards.

Do It Yourself

Henkel has developed multifarious, customized and innovative adhesive and sealant solutions to satisfy the needs of the DIY market.

For more than 75 years, the name Henkel stands for innovation, leading quality and the highest levels of expertise in adhesives for DIY. Henkel's leading brands can be found all over the world and enjoy high levels of awareness and trust in their respective categories and regions. All our products and brands share one guiding principle: Henkel makes life easier.


Electronics innovation touches nearly every facet of our lives. We drive hybrid and electric vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems, use smartphones to manage our work and play, see a new world through augmented reality (AR) headsets, enjoy personalized on-screen entertainment while flying in airplanes, and control our living space through connected home devices. Years ago, some of these innovations were only a dream.

Henkel is the premier materials supplier for the electronics assembly and semiconductor packaging industries. Our advanced formulations include a range of products that facilitate electrical interconnect, provide structural integrity, offer critical protection, and transfer heat for reliable performance. We're proud to create products that improve today’s electronic technologies and enable tomorrow’s advances.

Engineered Wood

Henkel is your global manufacturer and supplier of one component moisture-curing liquid polyurethane adhesive systems for engineered wood. Under the brand Loctite Purbond we provide high-quality adhesive systems, competent advice from industry specialists, and dependable technology support for your needs.

We are leading with high-impact solutions, created with consumers in mind. Partner with us to [be more] sustainable!

Furniture & Building Components

If you're looking to modernize your production processes, produce lighter products and structures, or improve the quality, efficiency, and sustainability of your furniture and building components, we can help. At Henkel, our adhesives can be used to bond a variety of wooden parts in many applications in the furniture industry. And, best of all, our customers are supported by our global sales and technical support team.

We are leading with high-impact solutions, created with consumers in mind. Partner with us to [be more] delightful!

Home, School & Office

Henkel offers a complete portfolio of highly innovative consumer brands which satisfy any household, school and office needs.

For more than 75 years, the name Henkel stands for innovation, leading quality and the highest levels of expertise in adhesives for Home, School & Office. Henkel and its leading brands can be found all over the world and enjoy high levels of awareness and trust in their respective categories and regions. All our products and brands share one guiding principle: Henkel makes life easier.

Industrial Maintenance & Repair

When moving parts don’t move, it can mean costly downtime and expensive part and machine replacement.

Loctite’s preventative maintenance process is backed by solutions from the leading adhesives provider. It is an effective way to avoid equipment failure and extend the life of your technology assets.


Regardless of the industry, Henkel adhesives are designed to solve problems, provide consistent, reliable performance and surpass customer expectations.

From adhesives that reduce sound and vibration in appliances, to threadlockers and sealants that prevent costly HVAC fluid leaks, Henkel is a one-stop source for solutions that streamline manufacturing production lines.


The medical, medical electronic and drug delivery engineers, specialists and chemists at Henkel realize that your product design solution is unique, so your Henkel material solution must be as well. 

Henkel’s technical expertise, low-risk partnership proposition, innovation philosophy, global support infrastructure and history as a leading formulator of market-leading materials ensure that we enable the future advancement of the medical device design. 

For medical tapes, we provide you with a full range of hotmelts, water-based, solvent acrylic as well as UV acrylic adhesives that offer excellent adhesion while being gentle to the skin, anchorage to different carriers used in medical applications and good breathability.

Henkel knows that quality and consistency are paramount in the pharmaceutical industry, assuring the delivery systems developer, drug marketer, and the patient that the patch will adhere and deliver the drug as designed. We have the experience, resources and expertise to make your transdermal project a success.

For the medical electronic device industry Henkel offers high reliability, proven assembly solutions like electrically conductive inks & adhesives, encapsulation, underfill, solder and film materials. Such solutions are used in the assembly of cardio & neuro stimulation devices, moisture detecting sensors,  ECG and TENS electrodes.

Metal Processing

At Henkel, we combine superior metal processing products together with application systems and top technology support, allowing you to maximize productivity while reducing costs. From forging to extrusion and drawing of steels, non-ferrous metals, portfolio of metal coil, metal packaging, and metal working solutions is backed by decades of experience and innovation.

Metal Processing Industries
Our broad product portfolio includes rolling oils, machining lubricants, cleaners, pretreatments, and passivates that are used in many industries including the food and beverage container industry, steel manufacturing industry, and the automotive industry.

Packaging & Paper

Beyond an appealing design, consumers are seeking on-the-go packages with sustainability as a cornerstone. Each package needs to give consumers assurance its contents meet the brand's promise. Navigating consumer needs, manufacturers are turning towards suppliers who understand their packaging challenges. 

Personal Hygiene

When it comes to health, wellness and comfort, consumers want quality.  Whether the consumer is seeking discreteness in the hygiene products, a greater sense of security of no leaking or soft to the touch, it is important to focus product development on their needs. Hygiene manufacturers and suppliers applied advanced technology combining nonwoven liners, plastic films, absorbents, elastics and specialty adhesives to bond these all together with a single goal-satisfaction.

Henkel offers on comprehensive solutions for the hygiene industry to meet consumer demands of living life to the fullest.  Our focus is on the consumers senses: sight, smell, touch and sound. Our range of adhesive solutions meet the requirements of your manufacturing processes. Our innovative products for the disposable hygiene and nonwoven industry combine high adhesion with skin-friendliness, thus equipping your hygiene products with the right characteristics for each application.

We are leading with high-impact solutions, created with consumers in mind. Partner with us to [be more] secure!

Sports & Fashion

Rising labor costs and advances in green production are the main challenges in the sports and fashion manufacturing industries. When you work with Henkel, you can leverage our global network, technical know-how, and innovation capabilities to solve them. With the largest range of adhesives and specific process know-how, we're able to support your manufacturing process, no matter your challenge.

Services Tailored to Your Specific Needs
As a technology leader in the adhesive industry, Henkel provides optimized adhesive solutions to meet the requirements for your shoe, ball, bag, or boat manufacturing process. We offer a diverse technology portfolio including water-based adhesives, toluene-free adhesives, cyanoacrylates, hotmelt and Pur hotmelt adhesives. 

Tapes, Labels & Graphics

At Henkel, we're your partner in developing sustainable and innovative tape, label, and graphics solutions. Our pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) can meet the highest safety standards for both food or non-food applications, reduce your total energy consumption, and reduce your waste and packaging. And, if you have a unique need, our team has the expertise to customize a solution that works for your application.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Solutions Tailored to Your Needs
Our dedicated adhesive experts are committed to continuous development and innovation in PSA technologies. We work with our partners to foster progress and collaborate closely with our customers during their product development process. We can support you with tailor-made pressure sensitive solutions and a seamless experience integrating those solutions into your production process.