Blue Star

For cleanliness and freshness in your toilet and your bath!

With its large product range, that includes toilet care products and as well powerful bath Cleaners. Blue Star is the expert for the entire sanitary area.

Blue Star offers products to keep your toilet hygienically clean and fresh the easier way.

Its portfolio consists of a wide range of innovative products such as:

  • Blue Star Kraft Aktiv:
    Rimblocks with a 4-function formula and an Air Freshener Technology to ensures that the bathroom is filled with a fresh scent until the last flush.
  • Blue Star Blau Aktiv+:
    a convenient and easy way to keep your toilet clean and shiny with a visible cleaning effect thanks to colored water.
  • Blue Star DeLuxe:
    the first Bref rimblock which offers elegant and delicate premium scent inspired by fine fragrances. Luxury perfumes for your toilet!
  • Blue Star WC Cleaners:
    Powerful cleaning gels for effortless toilet cleaning, removing limescale, dirt and stains and leaving the toilet perfectly clean, shiny and freshly scented.

Pro Nature – Clean house, clean planet

Make sure to also check out our cross category sustainable range of products under the ProNature brand. The bottles of that range are made from 100% recycled plastic, partly also contain 50% Social Plastic®. The packaging of the rimblocks is made of 100% recycled material.