Clin - the expert for streak-free shiny windows and glass surfaces in the household – without exhausting polishing.

Clin is the window cleaner expert for streak-free shiny windows. Clin’s unique formula with alcohol provides streak-free shine without the necessity of exhausting polishing. Clin’s unique trigger head supports not only the spray function, but also the foam function, for efficient removal of tough dirt. Clin covers several consumer needs in terms of scents (lemon, apple, vinegar), package sizes and types (triggers, refills, squeezes), as well as application areas (windows, universal, antifog, frames and more), multi-surface). Clin is the market leader under the window cleaner brands in Central Eastern Europe.

Pro Nature
Make sure to check out our cross category sustainable range of products under the ProNature brand. The bottles of that range are made from 100% recycled plastic of which, 25% is Social Plastic®.