Colour Catcher

Say yes to Colour Catcher and no to colour run accidents. Colour Catcher helps over a million households to wash smarter. Colour Catcher uses its anti-transfer technology to help save time and money, and make life easier, by: 

  • Preventing colour runs,
  • Allowing mixed coloured wash loads,
  • Protecting Brightness,
  • Preventing from Greying.

How does it work?

Thanks to its technology the Colour Catcher sheet acts like a magnet trapping loose dye and dirt particles during the wash. The proof is on the sheet!

Discover our Colour Catcher range:

  • Colour Catcher Core
    Our bestseller for colour run protection.
  • Colour Catcher ECO
    For colour run protection in our most eco-friendly way, thanks to a packaging containing grass.
  • Colour Catcher + Hygienic Cleanliness
    All in 1 pad for colour run protection and hygienic cleanliness.
  • Colour Catcher + Stain Remover
    All in 1 pad for colour run protection and stain removal.
  • Colour Catcher + Stain Remover + Whitening Power
    All in 1 pad for white laundry for stain removal, brightening and to prevent from a grey appearance.

Did you know?

Colour Catcher was invented in Ireland in 1993.