One of the most popular detergent brands in Ukraine which ensures excellent stain removal at a clever price. The smart way of doing laundry.

With Losk we promise you a product without any unnecessary frills, but only with those things that are really important: spectacular clean laundry for the best price. No matter what stain your laundry is currently struggling with, we have just the right solution for you. And in order to keep it this way, we have many amazing people in our team who are consistently researching to further improve your washing results. Promised!

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Consumer Service Information Russia ООО Хенкель Рус Laundry & Home Care Moscow +7-880-0200-0660 Download Business Card Add to my collection

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Also known as...

In other countries, the brand Losk is known under the brand names

Dixan, Fab, Palmex and Viva.