Mir stands for tradition, expertise and convenience. We always strive to offer solutions to the consumers' needs related to laundry and dishwashing.

Mir - the detergent expert
Mir provides best active care solutions for colors and fibers for all your clothes. Mir makes you feel and look good in all your clothes, because it provides the best active care for color and fibers.

Mir offers specialized detergent solutions for all your main washing piles:

  • Mixed Colors
  • Blacks & darks
  • Whites
  • Wool & Delicate Fabrics
  • Sport & Functional Fabrics

Mir - the dishwashing expert
The brand Mir stands for ease and performance against the toughest of grease problems. With a strong focus on consumer needs and innovation, Mir has added to its portfolio of offerings a host of new products and solutions including an innovative new formula that works to remove not only grease but also starch without extensive pre-soaking. Mir reveals the secrets of dishwashing to consumers through the Secrets de Cuisiner, Secrets du Monde, Secrets de Fleur, Secrets de Sel, Secrets de Soin and Secrets de Vinaigre. With such a diverse offering, the Mir brand name is now a choice of many across France.

Information & Services

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Also known as...

In other countries the brand Mir in the product category laundry detergents is known under the brand names

Perwoll, Perlana, Perlan, Persil and Laska,

Mir in the product category dishwashing is known under the brand names

Pril, Nelsen and Pur.