Neutrex is our laundry additive brand that gives you perfect laundry results you can rely on.

Neutrex entered the Spanish market in 1972 with the first white bleach special for laundry. It was the first bleach with fiber-protectors that, unlike other bleach, prevents from yellowing or damaging the fabrics. In 2000, Neutrex Futura was born, the first bleach that reduces the risk of splashing making it safer for the consumer to use bleach.
In 2003, Neutrex revolutionizes the market once more with the launch of Neutrex Oxygene. Its formula without bleach has a great stain removing power thanks to the active Oxygene.

In 2010, Neutrex Transpirex hits the market. With its unique formula, acts effectively and effortlessly on sweat and deodorant stains and even removes residual odor. 

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