Oil Ultime

Schwarzkopf Professional believe that #Truebeauty is more than just a pleasing look; it’s a combination of a person’s outer bloom and inner balance. Using the most precious ingredients – from high-performing natural, purified oils to invigorating aromatic Essential Oils – Oil Ultime provides lightweight shine, whilst helping salon clients to escape hectic daily routines and find inner balance during sensual, pampering ceremonies in the salon…

Oil Ultime has been infused with self-evaporating and self-soluble oils for the ultimate in lightweight performance. The 100% natural, purified oils leave hair with seductive shine and smoothness, whilst the pampering in-salon aroma ceremonies – with aromatic Essential Oils inspired by modern aromatherapy – help clients escape their hectic daily routines.

REbalance and REilluminate hair and mind with Oil Ultime


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