Pur stands for strong degreasing power and top-performance within the category of hand dishwashing

The brand Pur stands for ease and performance against the toughest of grease problems. With a strong focus on consumer needs and innovation, Pur has added to its portfolio of offerings a host of new products and solutions including an innovative new formula that works to remove not only grease but also starch without extensive pre-soaking. 

There is a right Pur for every dishwashing need. Consumers can choose from our Performance range that comprises of Pur Gold and Pur Power or our sensitive range of Balsam that focuses on performance and skin care (comprising aloe vera, hands and nails, camomile). We even offer a Pure Natural range comprising of green tea, magnolia.

Pro Nature
Make sure to check out our cross category sustainable range of products under the ProNature brand. The bottles of that range are made from 100% recycled plastic of which, 25% is Social Plastic®.

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