Resistol is the leading brand in the Mexican adhesives industry.

The most recognized brand adhesives in Mexico, has a wide range of products to address the different needs repair, construction and decoration. Resistol 5000 and 850 have been used of carpenters for over 70 years.

Currently there are several systems to achieve fixing to walls or ceilings objects (anchors, expansion plugs, etc.). The selection of the anchor varies according to the load, the type of substrate and the conditions that have to endure the anchor (such as weather, temperature, vibration and chemical tolerance).

The chemical anchors are the latest generation of solutions to fix heavy construction difficult elements (rock, concrete, hollow bricks, porous materials) fillers, by injecting a resin bicomponent within a bore in which a pin or rod to hold said load is inserted.

Chemical anchors work by adhesion to the substrate, filling small cavities creating a perfect anchorage without weakening the material pressure on the substrate.

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