Our Vernel not only makes the laundry very soft, but gives it a long-lasting pleasant fragrance. Vernel – The small luxury I treat myself to.

The history of Vernel goes back to 1969 when Vernel appeared for the first time with the slogan “Fighting dry rigidity”. Henkel promised their consumers a soft laundry experience by banishing rough and hard laundry. In the mid 1970s, people quickly realized that Vernel actually not only softened laundry, but with its elaborated and fresh fragrances, it also made laundry pleasant smelling, too. As more and more people suffer from very sensitive skin, Vernel adapted to those consumer demands by creating Vernel Skin Sensitive with its very soft and mild texture in the year 2004. Due to its good skin-compatibility it is recommended by leading dermatologists and is also suitable for delicate baby’s skin. In 2007, Vernel launched the Vernel Aroma Therapy range which delivers a unique pampering experience for the senses with its select essential oils. Besides the softness that goes along with Vernel products, Aroma Therapy products are meant to have a beneficial effect on body and soul while the garments are worn. Today, the Vernel main product range includes Classic, Sensitive and Aromatherapy.