Feb 8, 2018  Düsseldorf, Berlin / Germany

120 years of Schwarzkopf

Revolutionizing beauty for 2018! Schwarzkopf celebrates individuality and confidence

Schwarzkopf is celebrating its 120th anniversary and redefines beauty with the new campaign #createyourstyle. Empowering people to present the best version of themselves, Schwarzkopf has promoted individuality and confidence for 120 years through pioneering in hair and hair cosmetics. The #createyourstyle campaign combines Schwarzkopf’s trusted expertise with the spirit of the times, championing diversity and authenticity.

As beauty ideals change, Schwarzkopf supports the move towards personal expression and the experiences that go with it. This progressive, game changing campaign, along with a new commercial, promotes Schwarzkopf’s visionary perspective by collaborating with international Schwarzkopf influencers and members of diverse communities. This is a global celebration of individual hairstyles and colors – and a new chapter in expressive beauty.

120 years of Schwarzkopf – 120 years of passion for innovation and empowering people to express themselves. Throughout time, people have used their hair as a form of expression. Schwarzkopf has supported them for over one hundred years, proud to provide the hair expertise and innovation to showcase personality, confidence and fashion – zeitgeist. Schwarzkopf’s mission is to support new and diverse expressions of beauty and self. The #createyourstyle campaign is about style as a reflection – of moods, moments and celebrations – rather than rigid rules.

“People do not want to follow beauty stereotypes anymore. Each person expresses her personality in a very individual, authentic way. Schwarzkopf gives them the right solution to create the best version of themselves, and feel confident in all moments of their lives”, says Marie-Ève Schroeder, Corporate Senior Vice President International Marketing Henkel Beauty Care.

The new campaign – real people, real looks

#createyourstyle includes progressive advertising motifs, commercial and social media activities. These feature models like Toni Garrn, diverse Schwarzkopf influencers and real people from different age groups, communities and sexual orientations. Schwarzkopf’s pool of over 50 international influencers includes Anna Maria Damm from Germany, Adam Gallagher from the US or Elva Ni from Hongkong – celebrated, yet relatable, people with their own styles.

Looks – staged and created for Schwarzkopf by Armin Morbach since 2008 – will also feature in the #createyourstyle campaign. 2018 marks a first for Schwarzkopf: For the very first time, the brand will take its inspiration entirely from individuals and natural beauty, and not from catwalk trends. As a pioneer in hair, Schwarzkopf is also changing hair photography, by leading in fairer and better representation, and avoiding excessive photo re-touching and post-production work. Schwarzkopf is about authenticity, right down to its roots. With its product portfolio, new partners and stories, Schwarzkopf offers everyone the chance to express their best selves.

The 120th anniversary campaign #createyourstyle launches on February 8, 2018, with an exciting event in Berlin’s U3 tunnel at Potsdamer Platz.

When Hans Schwarzkopf opened his paint, drug and perfume shop in Berlin in 1898, he laid the foundation for one of the most influential hair cosmetics companies in the world.

Schwarzkopf is celebrating its 120th anniversary and redefines beauty with the new campaign #createyourstyle.

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