Jun 22, 2018  Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel Adhesive Technologies at iT’s Tissue 2018

Fulfilling demanding consumer needs – with Henkel’s high-impact tissue solutions

Henkel is proud to present its solutions and demonstrate its commitment to the personal hygiene industry at this year’s iT’s Tissue, to be held in Lucca, Italy, June 25 to 29. Over the past few years, the main focus of Henkel’s product development has been to increase operational efficiency for converters. This year, Henkel is displaying its next generation of products and services supporting converters to meet consumer needs in the fields of health, wellness and comfort. Henkel’s high-impact solutions are aimed at enhancing tissue manufacturers’ products and operations to “be more”: more efficient, more sustainable and more reliable. This year’s innovations by Henkel in the area of sustainability, consumer safety and consumer experience include additives, softeners and fragrances. Furthermore, Henkel will also present the latest novelties for pick-up, tail-sealing, core winding and lamination applications.

iT’s Tissue 2018 is taking place in the heart of the so called “Tuscan Tissue Valley”. 14 of the leading technology companies will host open house events, presenting their latest innovations. At the event, experts from the tissue world will share their knowledge and experience as well as their insights on industry trends. Overall, more than 1,500 industry specialists from over 70 countries and from across all continents are expected to participate in the event. The exhibitions will encompass technologies in tissue making, converting, packaging, handling, palletizing and factory automation.

As a global leader in the adhesives market and an important partner of the industry, Henkel will participate as a gold sponsor and partner in this third event of iT’s Tissue. In collaboration with key industry players such as Perini, Futura, MTC, Omet, and PCMC, Henkel will showcase its high-impact solutions to address the most important topics relating to adhesives and additives. For the first time in Lucca, Henkel will showcase their sensory room. This presentation will create a completely new experience of the products: a wide range of fragrances, product samples of printed paper treated with additives and softeners will be made tangible through smell, sight and touch.

“In the past our adhesive developments in the tissue industry focused on driving efficiency in production and converting processes. Now, our offerings aim at bringing our tissue customer’s products to the next level, by applying deep consumer insights to the development of our solutions – increasing the end product’s value in health, wellness and comfort significantly,” explained Michel Verstraeten, Henkel EIMEA Business Director for Hygiene Adhesives.

His colleague, Francesca Lucca, Henkel Business Manager for Tissue Adhesives Europe, elaborates: “As Henkel’s goal is to deliver unique value to its customers and consumers, a very close relationship with our OEMs and partners within the industry is a vital part of our strategy. We bring our tissue expertise and extended consumer know-how from our Laundry & Home Care, and Beauty Care divisions to generate new insights and propose new solutions to the world of tissue. These combined insights then form the basis for our latest solutions for the tissue industry.” She concludes: “iT’s Tissue is a perfect opportunity for us to enter into a dialog about the coming trends and developments with the different stakeholders in the tissue industry. Hence, we are very happy to be a gold sponsor of the 2018 event.”

Additional information on Henkel’s presence at iT’s Tissue 2018 is provided here.