Nov 8, 2018  Düsseldorf / Germany

Adhesive Technologies Supplier Awards 2018 granted to Kolon Industries, Kaneka and Covestro

Henkel recognized best-in-class performance of strategic partners

For the sixth consecutive year, Henkel Adhesive Technologies has awarded the performance of its strategic suppliers across the value chain. With its annual Supplier Awards the business unit recognizes close and successful collaboration in the categories of Operational Excellence, Innovation and Sustainability.

“The know-how and experience of our suppliers are a key enabler for Henkel to continuously drive powerful innovations,” said Michael Todd, Global Head of Innovation and New Business Development at Henkel Adhesive Technologies, during this year’s award ceremony held in Düsseldorf. “The close collaboration between Henkel and our strategic suppliers unlocks new potentials that are essential to develop exciting innovations for our customers and to bring our business to the next level.”

“The close cooperation and direct exchange with our strategic suppliers enable us to deliver answers to the needs of our customers throughout the entire value chain” added Thomas Holenia, Corporate Vice President Purchasing at Henkel. “Working together and focusing on aligned strategic priorities, makes our joint supply chains more agile, which generates competitive edges, especially in today’s challenging market environment.”

Operational Excellence Award: Kolon Industries

In recognition of its efforts to improve the joint supply chain, Henkel has presented the Operational Excellence Award to Kolon Industries, a Korean chemical and textile manufacturing company. Kolon Industries delivered an excellent service level performance in 2018, with best in class „On-Time“ and „In-Full“ scores of the respective Henkel plants – a great supply performance in a challenging market environment.

Innovation Award: Kaneka

For the third time, Henkel Adhesive Technologies granted the Innovation Award to Kaneka, a Japanese company providing a broad range of polymers for various industrial applications. Based on Kaneka polymers and dispersions, Henkel Adhesive Technologies successfully launched new products and strengthened its portfolio of high-performance and cost-effective solutions for automotive and electronics markets. Strong partnership between the companies has been demonstrated by open exchange and early access to innovations resulting in a large portfolio of joint development projects that adress the needs of Henkel’s customers.

Sustainability Award: Covestro

Henkel strives to provide its customers and consumers with product and process technologies having higher value, better performance and lower environmental footprint at the same time. Thus, Adhesive Technologies recognized Covestro for its ongoing efforts to contribute to the sustainable Henkel product and project pipeline, such as the collaboration on finding alternatives technologies to substitute hazardous materials, developing bio-based materials in their polyurethane portfolio as well as an excellent EcoVadis rating. Sustainability is also a key success factor at Covestro for bringing additional value to their products. Covestro develops and manufactures sustainable materials, enabling Henkel to extend its business in the application of flexible packaging with improved migration properties or in the area of wood engineering replacing formaldehyde-based products.

Operational Excellence Award to Kolon Industries (from left to right): Csaba Szendrei, Senior Vice President and Global Director of the Packaging and Consumer Goods Business at Henkel; Gerald Lim, General Manager at Kolon Industries; JH Park, Head of Hydrocarbon Resin R&D at Kolon Industries; TJ Park, Head of Hydrocarbon Resin Unit at Kolon Indutsries; GJ Lee, Head of Hydrocarbon Sales at Kolon Industries; Jay Chung, Marketing Manager at Kolon Industries and Thomas Holenia, Corporate Vice President Purchasing at Henkel

Innovation Award to Kaneka (from left to right): Emilie Barriau, Head of Global Product Development for Transport and Metal at Henkel; Hajime Wada, Head of MX Group Performance Polymers SV at Kaneka; Shinji Mizusawa, President of Kaneka Europe Holding and President of Kaneka Belgium NV; Masaya Kotaki, Global Key Account for Henkel at Kaneka; Adam Taniguchi, Senior Business Manager MX Group at Kaneka and Bertrand Conqueret, Corporate Senior Vice President Global Supply Chain at Henkel

Sustainability Award to Covestro (from left to right): Michael Frank, Head of Supplier Innovation at Henkel; Ulf Wentzien, Global Head of Industrial Marketing at Covestro; Jens Kaatze, Global Head of Business Model Innovation and Digital Transformation at Covestro; Harald Wolf, Global Key Account for Henkel at Covestro; Michael Friede, Global Head of Segments Coatings, Adhesives, Specialties at Covestro; Karsten Danielmeier, Global Head of R&D and Innovation at Covestro; Michael Hellemann Soerensen, Senior Vice President Commercial Operations EMEA/LATAM Region at Covestro; Peter Kruppa, Senior Vice President Application and Technology Development at Covestro; Vladimir Ristic, Head of Global Key Account Management at Covestro and Bertrand Conqueret, Corporate Senior Vice President Global Supply Chain at Henkel

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