Dec 12, 2018  Culver City / USA

Effort to reduce salon waste released into the environment

Henkel’s #AcademyofHair partners with Green Circle Salons

Through this relationship, the #AcademyofHair will significantly reduce waste through proper recycling and repurposing methods.

As part of its ongoing sustainability efforts, Henkel has recently formed a partnership between the #AcademyofHair and Green Circle Salons, a salon waste recycling program. The #AcademyofHair, located within Henkel North America’s Beauty Care Hair Professional headquarters in Culver City, CA, is a world-class, multi-branded learning center and salon to showcase Henkel’s North American professional haircare brands. Through this relationship, the #AcademyofHair will significantly reduce the amount of waste it generates by adopting green solutions to properly recycle and repurpose salon waste, including hair trimmings, metal and plastic containers and chemicals.

“The #AcademyofHair is dedicated to furthering its efforts to keep the planet beautiful and become a green salon, while providing a cutting-edge salon experience,” said Stefan Mund, Regional Head, Henkel Beauty Care Hair Professional North America. “Our partnership with Green Circle Salons reflects Henkel’s continued commitment to environmental sustainability and our overall mission to reduce our ecological footprint.”

Green Circle Salons has provided Henkel with six types of recycling tubs, each one designated to a different type of waste in the salon. These items are then taken to their own recycling center. Appropriate training is given to employees to make sure materials are recycled properly.  

“Green Circle offers a seamless process to easily and efficiently recycle our salon’s waste,” said Marc Stucky, Head of R&D and Regulatory, Henkel Beauty Care Hair Professional North America. “Green Circle estimates that 421,206 pounds of total waste are generated across the salon industry daily across North America. Through this partnership, the #AcademyofHair is doing its part to ensure waste is repurposed and diverted away from our waterways and landfills.”

Founded in 2015, Green Circle Salons’ mission is to reduce the amount of waste from salons that is released into the environment, and provide sustainability solutions to the salon, spa and barber industry. Green Circle’s long-term goal is to make the salon industry in North America completely sustainable by 2020 and to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released by 121.3 gigatons.

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A Henkel employee demonstrates how to properly recycle salon waste using the various bins provided by Green Circle Salons.