May 7, 2019  Düsseldorf / Germany

Showcasing novel Loctite additive manufacturing solutions at RAPID + TCT show

Henkel offers open materials platform to manufacturers of 3D printers and system providers

With the initial launch of its novel differentiated engineering resins at Formnext in November 2018, Henkel has strengthened its offering for industrial additive manufacturing solutions. In addition to its broad post-processing portfolio the leading manufacturer of adhesives, sealants and functional provides an open materials platform to collaborate with manufacturers of 3D printers and system providers to enable the qualification of new materials for different printing technologies.

As a central element of the open materials platform, the company has developed differentiated materials with a focus on UV-curable Silicone Elastomeric, Ultra Clear, Durable High Impact, High Temperature and General-Purpose resins. These novel materials under the well-known Loctite brand overcome some of the most pressing technical limitations in the market and are designed to enable 3D Printing for a wide range of applications in the health & wellness, transportation and industrial segments.
“With our new materials platform we offer innovative building blocks to engineers and designers to realize their ambitions,” explained Sean Dsilva, Head of 3D Printing Materials at Henkel. “Manufacturers of 3D Printers and system providers that work with us benefit from our unique offering of next generation resins, which provides solutions to some of the most severe limitations in the 3D Printing market. This is the next step to move Additive Manufacturing from prototyping to functional part productions across markets”.

Bringing 3D printing to the next level

Henkel´s novel Durable High Impact resin 3870 has already proven its high-performing properties in the health sector. The material is used for the 3D printing of motor adapters that have a consumer-grade finish, replacing the conventional injection molded parts. The solution significantly reduces long lead times and costs.

“Every day, Loctite is developing groundbreaking materials to address the specific needs of the market, including resilient elastomers, heat-resistant polymers, biocompatible formulations, and other high-performance materials,” said Cindy Deekitwong, Global Director of Marketing for 3D Printing at Henkel. “Open technology and partnerships between the technologists and the chemists now enable additive manufacturing to compete against conventional injection molding without the underlying risks, long lead times and penalties for design iteration. We are delighted to offer our customers revolutionary materials that enable the use of additive manufacturing for true high-volume production.”

Henkel will showcase recent additions to its open materials platform and a range of novel 3D printing solutions during the upcoming RAPID + TCT Conference in Detroit, from May 21-23 at booth 609. To learn more about silicone elastomeric materials customers and visitors can also join the company experts during the TCT Innovation Award audition.

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Henkel´s novel Loctite materials are designed to enable and optimize manufacturing processes in 3D printing.