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Online trainings on Food Safe Packaging and Sustainability

Henkel Webinar Series for 2020: Circular Economy in focus

Across all industries, companies are being confronted with the growing significance of sustainable products, production and logistics processes. For the packaging and consumer goods industry, this subject will be of central importance in 2020 and present a challenge for the entire supply chain. As a world-leading manufacturer of adhesives, Henkel’s series of webinars this year will focus particularly on the subject of sustainability and share the company’s expertise in this area. The 2020 webinars include tried-and-trusted formats on subjects that have already changed the packaging industry over recent years, and which are now becoming even more important, such as circular economy or bio-based and biodegradable solutions.

Henkel also offers insights into present challenges facing the packaging industry, such as the handling of the epoxysilane GLYMO, which is classified as potentially genotoxic and which can be used as an adhesion promoter in laminating adhesives for flexible packaging. Henkel picked up on this issue very early on and has researched suitable testing opportunities, as well as bringing GLYMO-free products to market maturity. Henkel’s experts will provide more information on this as part of a dedicated webinar to be held on March 5, 2020. In the run-up to Interpack, the “REThink Packaging” webinar, being held on May 5, 2020, will unveil solutions that focus on the possibilities of adhesives for sustainable packaging designs and circular economy. The subject of packaging will be considered as an overall concept integrating the interaction of its various components, manufacturing and recycling processes.

“From new legal regulations, as with the case of GLYMO, to the ever-present subject of sustainability - the packaging industry is currently in the eye of a storm of major changes and challenges”, observes Dr. Monika Toenniessen, Head of Food Safety Compliance - Global Food Safety, Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs at Henkel. “So the exchange of expertise is especially important for the industry. With our webinars, we are able to provide the entire supply chain in the packaging sector with strong support in the form of information on the various issues affecting it”, is her conclusion.

The first webinar will begin on February 27, 2020. Anyone interested in joining in can register straight away via the link below: www.be-more-sustainable.com/webinars. This is where they will find all the information they need relating to the webinars and how to register. Industry partners and Henkel customers can participate in the online events for free. The Henkel webinar program is delivered in English.

Exchange of expertise and cooperation along the entire value chain is the basis for enabling all stakeholders to actively support recycling management.

Dr. Monika Toenniessen, expert in product safety and regulatory affairs at Henkel

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