May 12, 2020  Düsseldorf / Germany

Coating for primary and secondary packaging applications in food and nonfood, driving the circular economy

Henkel enables recyclable paper packaging with new Loctite Liofol HS 2809-22 RE

When it comes to the overall recyclability of a packaging, the choice of packaging substrates is typically being discussed. As a leader in adhesives and coatings for the packaging industry, Henkel is committed to actively support a circular economy by working closely with their partners to develop solutions that are both sustainable and functional. After launching its RE range that is “designed for recycling” last year, the company is now expanding the range with Loctite Liofol HS 2809-22 RE. The heat seal coating, which is certified for its recyclability with paper, redefines how packaging can be designed.

“The design of packaging highly influences its recyclability. Our goal is to bring a new perspective into the process: We want to rethink how packaging is made from the very beginning,” explains Brian Stephenson, Product Development Coatings at Henkel. “Loctite Liofol HS 2809-22 RE opens up new and sustainable design possibilities by enabling to replace PE with paper in a wide range of primary and secondary packaging applications for both food and nonfood.”

The coating heat seals to both paper and itself and sets new standards in terms of repulpability, food safety and flexibility of the paper. It also raises the bar in industrial processing: It maintains highest levels of sealability when being processed at high machine speeds, significantly increasing performance.

One solution, many applications

These characteristics make Loctite Liofol HS 2809-22 RE a very versatile coating covering a large span of applications  – from hygiene products and tea bags to industrial hardware pouches and chocolate overwrap. Having such a great flexibility in terms of applicational areas, the coating is able to support the transition from PE packages to paper-based ones.

“Loctite Liofol HS 2809-22 RE makes completely new approaches in packaging design possible,” says Davide Coppola, Business Development Manager Coatings at Henkel. “Thanks to its proven recyclability and food safety certification, we can enable the use of paper packaging in a wide range of applications without compromising on performance and safety.”

The innovation is compatible with any type of ink and has a good flexibility to paper substrates, tested by independent institutes confirming its good fit for paper packaging. In the production the coating has a very good heat seal strength even under high machine speeds. Its sealability to itself and against paper is excellent by maintaining low seal temperature initiation. The solution not only suits the nonfood industry, but can also be used in food applications.

Sofidel: Redesigning packaging with an innovative and sustainable solution by Henkel

Sofidel, a globally leading manufacturer for tissue paper, was looking for a more sustainable primary packaging for its toilet paper brand Regina by redesigning it by replacing the PE film with a paper wrap. The company turned to Henkel for a solution. Working closely with two converters, Henkel ran a series of tests applying Loctite Liofol HS 2809-22 RE on paper for Sofidel. The coatings matched all the requirements of Sofidel and is now used as the heat seal grade for Sofidel’s recyclable toilet paper packaging and considered for all new packaging developments in paper. Building on this success, Sofidel plans to expand the use of this package to other European markets and for other products in its range.

“We are extremely pleased with the collaboration and support from Henkel. Their innovative solution and unique approach to problem solving have made our aim of creating a more sustainable primary packaging for our products a reality,” says Marco Iriti, Research & Development Manager at Sofidel.

A task for the entire industry

“In a new plastics economy, plastic never becomes waste or pollution.” This is at the heart of the New Plastics Economy, an initiative led by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. In addition to its engagement in this three-year initiative, Henkel is also a founding member of CEFLEX, a consortium of more than 100 companies and organizations aiming to make flexible packaging – which consists of multiple layers of film or foil that are often difficult to separate – easier to recycle. The company is also a founding member of The Alliance to End Plastic Waste and a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. A circular economy requires a holistic approach and is only achievable if companies from all stages in the value chain work together.

New Loctite Liofol HS 2809-22 RE enables sustainable packaging design in food and nonfood applications, such as paper packaging.

Sofidel, a globally leading manufacturer for tissue paper, was looking for a more sustainable primary packaging for its toilet paper brand Regina by redesigning it by replacing the PE film with a paper wrap.

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