May 13, 2020  Düsseldorf / Germany

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, Henkel and Heraeus solution provides high reliability for high-temperature applications

Major suppliers in electronics assembly materials awarded U.S. Patent for Innolot/Loctite 90ISC alloy

Three major suppliers in electronics assembly materials, MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, Henkel, and Heraeus, received notice that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued Patent No. US10376994B2 for their innovative solder alloy formulation marketed under the brand names Innolot (Heraeus & Alpha) and Loctite 90ISC (Henkel). The patent was granted an extended expiration to June 11, 2029.

The technology was developed in a cooperative project to produce a lead-free solder alloy specifically for harsh environment electronics applications. The result was an alloy with markedly improved reliability performance as compared to standard SAC alloys. Promoted in the electronics market for over ten years, the respective Innolot and Loctite 90ISC products are widely recognized as a high-reliability, thermal cycling, thermal ageing and vibration-resistant alloy, making it well suited for automotive applications and assemblies. The Innolot/90ISC alloy is designed to tolerate the demands of high-temperature applications while still being solderable at standard lead-free process temperatures.

The issuance of the U.S. patent is a further achievement for MacDermid Alpha, Henkel, and Heraeus and their efforts towards creating innovative materials for the challenges and demands of today’s electronics assembly. “This granted US patent demonstrates Henkel’s technology leadership and defends a growing product category,” said Rodrigo Aguilar, Business Development Manager for Automotive and Electronics. “Loctite 90iSC alloy has been widely adopted by automotive electronics in past years, and we expect exciting new opportunities driven by innovation in automotive components and other markets where reliability is paramount.”

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, Henkel, and Heraeus market Innolot and Loctite 90ISC products in a variety of forms including solder paste, bar solder, and wire. Patents are currently held in EU (EP1617968B1) and Japan (JP5320556B2).  

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