Aug 26, 2020  Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel at the Interzum Guangzhou 2020 in China

Henkel drives innovation in the furniture industry

As a global leader in the adhesives market, Henkel acknowledges its role in supporting the entire value chain to increase sustainability and efficiency. Thus, the Adhesive Technologies business unit participated in Interzum Guangzhou 2020,  the largest woodworking and upholstery machinery, furniture production and interior décor trade fair, which was one of the first major events to take place in spite of the pandemic in Asia.

Under strict hygiene rules Henkel showcased new innovative solutions under its well-known Technomelt brand alongside its already proven high performance adhesives portfolio for a variety of applications. From July 27 to 30 visitors were able to start a dialogue with Henkel experts directly at the booth taking all necessary health precautions. Furthermore, they could take advantage of digital tools like an application display wall to experience the solutions and their advantages in a completely new way.

A portfolio in line with this year’s Interzum motto ‘Inspire the future with ingenuity’

This year’s motto for Interzum Guangzhou was “inspire the future with ingenuity”. In line with this motto, Henkel showcased its product novelties such as Technomelt PUR 6909 for advanced flat lamination for low surface energy foils & panels and for furniture and wall panels. Further, the company introduced Technomelt PUR 4909/4910 as a new generation of profile wrapping solution for wall panels as well as Aquence FD 3511 – a leading solution with a strong performance on gloss surfaces and fast setting speed for 3D membrane presses. With the Technomelt PW 867, Henkel also presented a performance and cost competitive alternative to established APAO and MetCat PO based hotmelts for wrapping of wooden profiles and wall panels. Based on its outstanding properties, Technomelt PUR 270/7S for slow-curing edge banding application has received the award of “20 plus 20 Annual List”-Interzum Guangzhou outstanding furniture accessories. These solutions were specifically designed with efficient production in mind, directly answering the growing need in the market for solutions tailored to fit high-performance applications.

High impact sustainable solutions to improve people’s living space and style

With the display of Henkel’s sustainable solutions at Interzum, the adhesive manufacturer also capitalizes on the promise to help reduce the CO2 footprint, foster a circular economy and raise the bar for greener and safer application substances even further. The Loctite Purbond range formulations are specifically designed for zero emission applications without using formaldehyde. With the Technomelt PUR ME series, isocyanate vapors can be reduced by as much as 90 percent, fully complying with EU EC No 1272/2008 regulation standards. The Technomelt PW/TS product group on the other hand was specifically created to advance olefinic technology while reducing adhesive usage and improve end product life cycles with better bonding characteristics.

Digitalizing the product experience

At this year´s fair, Henkel also brought a digital experience to the visitors. At the booth, the application display wall showed interactive videos and QR codes to grant easy access to deeper insights on the products, applications and specifications. In the course of the exhibition, there were also possibilities to take part in a series of five webinars covering topics such as new products, sustainability and industry insights. After the online registration these webinars could be streamed live either at the Henkel booth or online to facilitate on- and offline interaction with experts. Additionally, Henkel offered a dedicated Interzum promotional Alibaba 1688 landing page to foster a digital customer experience and promote e-commerce. Furthermore, Henkel added digital Sales Business Cards on Wechat Enterprise to give customers and partners the chance for direct contact to sales through the app.

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