Feb 10, 2021  Düsseldorf / Germany

Launch Diadermine Lift+ Phyto-Retinol

The Natural Alternative to Retinol: Diadermine Lift+ Phyto-Retinol

The power of nature with effective formulas: Diadermine now offers a great solution to counteract wrinkles with a retinol effect: Diadermine Lift+ Phyto-Retinol – just as effective as retinol, but without its possible side effects. Thanks to a formula combination of samphire oil and algae extract, with 95% ingredients of natural origin, this new skincare series fights wrinkles and enhances complexion.

The Diadermine Lift+ Phyto-Retinol series will be available in stores from February 2021.

Retinol is considered to be a popular active ingredient in anti-age care, as it simultaneously minimizes wrinkles and ensures a more even complexion. However, the fear of possible side effects such as skin redness, irritation, or dryness often makes people shy away from it. That is until now. The new skincare series Lift+ Phyto-Retinol by Diadermine with four new products – day cream, night cream, eye cream, and ampoules – reduces wrinkles, improves elasticity, complexion, moisture content, and skin radiance.

With 95% naturally derived ingredients and excellent skin tolerance, Diadermine developed Lift+ Phyto-Retinol, a formula with active plant ingredients such as samphire oil and algae extract to combat aging skin. Since ancient times, samphire oil has been used in traditional medicine. It promotes cell renewal and improves the complexion. The samphire oil used in the Lift+ Phyto-Retinol series grows sustainably on the Atlantic coast of Brittany, in France. Algae extract provides intense moisture and helps reduce wrinkles. Algae is considered one of the most effective secrets of the sea and has been used in facial care for thousands of years. The algae extract in Lift+ Phyto-Retinol comes from a UNESCO biosphere reserve in Brittany, in France.

The formula with samphire oil and algae extract acts in different layers of the skin: Algae extract boosts collagen and elastin and increases hyaluronic acid content in the dermis (the intermediate layer between the epidermis and hypodermis). Algae extract and samphire oil increase collagen IV, collagen VII and laminin in the transition from the dermis to the epidermis to improve skin firmness. Samphire oil acts as a natural exfoliator on the skin, compacting the epidermis, smoothing, and beautifying the skin surface. Diadermine Lift+ Phyto-Retinol provides an equally good anti-wrinkle effect with better skin tolerance compared to retinol. In addition, Lift+ Phyto-Retinol promotes a proven stimulation of important structural proteins of the skin such as collagen or elastin. (Collagen I, Collagen III, Collagen IV, Elastin).*

Skin compatibility is always a priority at Diadermine: Diadermine was the first cosmetics brand ever to be awarded the ECARF Seal by the European Center for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF). The seal certifies that Diadermine care products are highly skin-compatible, even for people with sensitive and allergy-prone skin. In line with the motto "Quality of life despite allergies," this quality seal is the perfect guide for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin to find suitable products.

* In vitro test: biological effect of samphire oil & algae extract compared to retinoic acid.

Diadermine Lift+ Phyto-Retinol at a Glance:

Diadermine Lift+ Phyto-Retinol Anti-Age Day Cream, 50ml, 9.99 EUR (UVP)
Diadermine Lift+ Phyto-Retinol Anti-Age Night Cream, 50ml, 9.99 Euro (UVP)
Diadermine Lift+ Phyto-Retinol Anti-Age Eye Cream, 15ml, 9.99 EUR (UVP)
Diadermine Lift+ Phyto-Retinol Anti-Age Ampulls, 1.3 ml x 7 Ampulls, 9.99 EUR (UVP)

Diadermine Lift+ Phyto-Retinol Anti-Age Day Cream

Diadermine Lift+ Phyto-Retinol Anti-Age Night Cream

Diadermine Lift+ Phyto-Retinol Anti-Age Eye Cream

Diadermine Lift+ Phyto-Retinol Anti-Age Ampulls

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