May 31, 2021  Guangzhou / China

Showcasing adhesive innovations at China’s Interzum Guangzhou 2021

Henkel boosts digital innovation and industry cooperation at Interzum

Henkel showcased its innovative edge banding adhesive and mattress adhesive at Interzum Guangzhou 2021. While abiding by strict pandemic prevention regulations, this year’s Interzum attracted more than 1,600 companies and 100,000 trade visitors. Several digital interactive tools were deployed at Henkel’s booth that demonstrated the companies´ efficient portfolio of adhesive solutions for the furniture and building components industries. Interzum also provided an opportunity for Henkel to hold in-depth conversations with clients and partners to discuss new trends in adhesive applications to facilitate greater sustainability in the furniture and building components industries.

Focus on digital innovation and an interactive booth experience

Henkel unveiled two innovative edge banding adhesive solutions Technomelt KS 922 and Technomelt PUR 270/8, and also a new solution for mattress manufacture that can replace water-based adhesives, Technomelt AS 3105. To better demonstrate the leading technology and product performance, several digital interactive tools were set up at the booth to help visitors describe their challenges with adhesive application to encourage in-depth dialogue with Henkel experts.

Based on client feedback and experience direct from production environments, Henkel’s Interzum Expert Clinic helped booth visitors target multiple challenges in adhesive application and discover tailor-made adhesive solutions to address their specific requirements. As well as experiencing the Expert Clinic on an interactive screen, it was also possible to consult with technical experts from Henkel, to learn how Henkel’s adhesives could be used to solve issues arising in adhesive application.

Henkel’s adhesive solutions are widely used in furniture and in building components to help create safer and pleasant home environments. To offer a deep dive analysis of technologies applied in furniture and building components, the Henkel booth presented the Henkel Virtual Home digital interaction experience. By clicking the “door” of the Virtual Home onscreen, users could explore several scenes including the living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. In each environment, they could learn more about the wide applications and outstanding performance of specific adhesive products from Henkel.

Henkel already pioneered its AI technical expert, Smart Han, last year on WeChat. Powered by the knowledge base of Henkel’s global technical experts, Smart Han provides diverse professional services such as product selection, after-sale inquires and troubleshooting, etc. Following its online success, Smart Han came to Henkel’s Interzum booth, providing a fun interactive experience for many visitors. With a click, visitors could start a conversation with Smart Han, acquiring professional advice on product selection and the application of adhesives.

Looking back at Interzum 2021, Dr. Rajat Agarwal, President of Henkel Greater China said: “We were pleased to be part of Interzum once again. During this exhibition, we showcased our innovative product portfolio and solutions, exchanged views with key clients and partners and explored potential growth opportunities, thereby laying a strong foundation for further industry collaboration. In the future, under the strategic framework of targeted growth, we will continue to invest, accelerate influential innovation, promote sustainable development and digital transformation, and create higher value for our clients and consumers.”

Henkel presented several digital interactive tools to optimize booth experience at Interzum

Henkel Virtual Home, the tailor-made digital interaction enables audience to learn more about the wide application and excellent performance of Henkel adhesive products

Based on the actual real world challenges experience in the practical application of adhesives, the Expert Clinic provided personalized solutions for users

Dr. Rajat Agarwal, President of Henkel Greater China has an in-depth conversation with the Consul of the German Consulate in Guangzhou

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