Jun 15, 2021  Düsseldorf / Germany

FST-Certified Loctite EA 9365FST adhesive and matrix resin for thermoset and thermoplastics

Henkel develops REACH-compliant structural adhesive for aircraft interiors

Henkel Adhesive Technologies - a leader in structural adhesives and surface treatments for the aircraft OEM and MRO industries worldwide - recently developed Loctite EA 9365FST, a new two-part epoxy adhesive that reinforces and bonds thermoplastic and thermoset substrates and can serve as a matrix resin on fiberglass to strengthen the thin walls of thermoplastic assemblies. Developed for use in aircraft interiors, the halogen and antimony-free adhesive meets industry fire retardancy, smoke density and toxicity (FST) requirements, is REACH and EH&S compliant worldwide, and is qualified to Boeing process specification BAC 5568.

Loctite EA 9365FST cures in just 2 hours at 70°C (158°F) or in 7 days at room temperature. The adhesive offers good mechanical performance when bonding properly treated thermoplastics and thermosets to a range of other substrates. This user-friendly epoxy provides an excellent balance of adhesion performance and FST compliance. Designed not to yellow over time, the product is paintable, delivering good color performance with less show-through than older adhesive formulations.

When used as a matrix resin, Loctite EA 9365FST easily wets out fiberglass, strengthening thin thermoplastic assembly walls for enhanced structural support in interior applications including wall, ceiling and floor panels; compartments and cabin stowage; galleys; lavatories; and seating. The product is available globally and has targeted applications in commercial aviation, defense and rail applications.

“Loctite EA 9365FST is a high-tech, FR and FST-qualified technology that has expanded Henkel’s already robust paste adhesive portfolio,” explains William Smoot, Technical Account Manager at Henkel Adhesive Technologies. “This product answered a need at Boeing and across the aerospace and rail industries for critical flame retardancy, toxicity and smoke suppression adhesives for cabin interiors. Product safety and sustainability are increasingly important. This product is sustainable and REACH-compliant with no halogens or other hazardous chemistries.”

Sustainable potting material being applied by an automated pumping system

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