Jul 5, 2021  Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel co-hosts conference on “Materials and Processes for Automotive and other High Performance Displays”

Creating the automotive displays of the future, today

As the automotive sector’s embrace of digitalisation rapidly accelerates alongside trends such as self-driving and electrification, display technologies are at the heart of the next generation driving experience – and a key differentiator for OEMs. Consequently, displays are becoming ever more sophisticated with unprecedented innovation of form factors, interface design and manufacturing techniques.

As a leading supplier to the automotive industry, Henkel Adhesive Technologies is proud to be at the forefront of this exciting field: As well as providing an innovative and comprehensive portfolio to enable the manufacture of advanced automotive displays, Henkel is also working to facilitate dialogue across the automotive supply chain. On July 1st, Henkel was proud to co-host a focus meeting event with DFF, a global display association representing the breadth of the flat panel value chain.

Focused on “Materials and Processes for Automotive and other High Performance Displays”, the conference – held as a virtual online event due to the constraints of the pandemic – aimed to bring together experts and scientists from across the automotive industry, including both OEMs and suppliers. The program aimed to foster a better understanding of the potential for improvements through the collaboration of adhesive with process equipment for demanding applications.

“The opportunities and challenges facing the automotive sector during this unique period of rapid digital transformation demand a truly inter-disciplinary approach,” said Dr. Christian Koehling, Corporate Vice President at Henkel and Head of Automotive Components Europe & IMEA. “At Henkel we have a portfolio for automotive display applications that consists not only of material sciences solutions but also application equipment. We can therefore draw on a breadth of expertise and knowhow to help manufacture display technologies that are at the same time more advanced and can be created in ways that are scalable, cost-effective and sustainable. However, meeting such unprecedented challenges in a spirit of innovation makes partnership and knowledge exchange across the industry vital. Hence, we are proud to work alongside the DFF to drive forward this exchange.”     

During the event, Dr. Christian Koehling provided an introduction to Henkel and its offerings for the automotive sector. Henkel also provided two technical presentations that took deeper dives into bonding solutions used to create automotive displays and also the equipment required for the application of adhesives from Henkel’s Sonderhoff brand. Respectively, these were:

  • “Material & Process of Structural Bonding for Automotive Displays” by Penny Yi Pan, Henkel Display BDM, a presentation that focused on Henkel’s material sciences portfolio.
  • “Automated Dosing Equipment for Display Bonding Processes” by Julia Madel, BDM of Sonderhoff, focusing on the Sonderhoff equipment portfolio for display application.

To learn more about Henkel’s solutions for automotive display technology, please visit Henkel Automotive Display Homepage.
Henkel Presentation materials for DFF 2nd Focus meeting are available from the link page here.

Henkel co-hosts conference on “Materials and Processes for Automotive and other High Performance Displays”

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