Aug 11, 2021  Düsseldorf / Germany

Adhesive Technologies expands access to fast-growing advanced materials start-up hub

Henkel invests in material science focused fund in China

Henkel Adhesive Technologies further strengthens its corporate venture capital activities by investing in the third fund of Richland Capital (Richland Capital Fund III), Beijing, China. Richland Capital is a leading investment firm for emerging technology in China, focusing on investments in advanced materials, high-end manufacturing equipment and digital technologies as well as digital business models. As limited partner of the fund Henkel will strengthen its access to the fast-growing start-up-scene in China which has become a global hotspot for material science in recent years.

Henkel will get access to an exceptional annual deal flow of more than 1,000 start-ups with strong deal sourcing capabilities providing innovative technologies with a strong focus on advanced materials and closely related digital business models.

“China without a doubt is not only a key market for our Adhesive Technologies business but is also a global hub for disruptive innovations and new business models in material science”, explains Paolo Bavaj, Head of Corporate Venturing, Adhesive Technologies. “We are convinced that Richland Capital is the best partner to strengthen our access and to provide attractive business opportunities for us. The management team brings a strong financial expertise, a broad network of start-ups and longstanding experiences in business development in large corporates. Thus, we see an excellent overlap between Henkel´s ambitions and Richland Capital´s capabilities.”  

“Henkel is a global-leading technology company with a long history of excellence in adhesives, sealants, functional coatings and specialty materials. Richland Capital is very excited to have Henkel join Richland’s Venture Capital Fund III that is dedicated to investing in China’s emerging technology sector with a particular emphasis in advanced materials. Through the partnership with Henkel, Richland can better help Chinese start-ups accelerate their growth by leveraging Henkel’s innovative capabilities and global supply chain. On the other hand, Richland can support Henkel to build collaborative partnership with local innovative startups and to identify new growth opportunities in the region,” says Dr. Zhebo Ding, Managing Partner of Richland Capital.

Over the past years Henkel Adhesive Technologies has already committed to invest through a couple of advanced material focused venture capital funds globally. As a limited partner of these funds, the company has access to an annual deal flow of more than 3,000 start-ups per year with a regional focus on North America, Europe, Israel and China.

About Henkel Tech Ventures
Henkel Tech Ventures is the corporate venture capital arm of Henkel Adhesive Technologies, established in 2016. Headquartered in Düsseldorf, it functions as a connector between external innovators and Henkel. Through networking, consulting, partnerships and investments, the unit supports the growth of startups and at the same time enhances Henkel's new business development efforts. For more information, please visit

About Richland Capital
Founded in 2011, Richland Capital is one of China`s leading investment firms with a strong focus on growth stage industrial technology sector driven by emerging technologies. With strong mutual trust and demonstrated partnership, Richland´s partner team is highly complementary and covers expertise from Investment Banking, Technology, Innovation, Accounting to government and IR. In order to achieve an excellent and sustainable ROI, Richland has developed a holistic strategy and a sophisticated risk management system covering the complete life cycle of each investment. Over the years, Richland has established a good track record of bringing solid and sustainable returns for its investors.

Henkel has invested in Richland Capital Fund III with a strong focus on material science start-ups in China.

The management team of Richland Capital brings a strong financial expertise, a broad network of start-ups and longstanding experiences in business development in large corporates.

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