Oct 8, 2021  Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel launches new digital employer branding campaign

Do you dare to make an impact?

Henkel has revamped its employer communication, going live with a new career website and digital employer branding campaign under the umbrella “Dare to make an impact?”. The campaign has been developed together with the Berlin-based communication agency RCKT. It will be rolled out globally in 79 countries and will run mainly online.

The campaign reflects the company’s transformation towards a more collaborative culture of empowered people and an environment in which employees can grow and develop personally and professionally. “Our environment has changed over the past years. Henkel has started a significant cultural transformation and the expectations and needs of talents and our employees have shifted,” says Andrea Becher, Global Head of Employer Reputation, Recruitment & Corporate Citizenship. “People are nowadays not only looking for employers whose values and goals they share, but for a job with a purpose. They want to work on meaningful projects and innovations that contribute to peoples’ wellbeing and to our society. Personal development, company purpose and the opportunity to make an impact on business are also an integral part for them. And that’s exactly what we at Henkel are looking for: talents who dare to go beyond their limits and think outside the box,“ reflects Elizabeth Schaumann, Global Head Employer Reputation at Henkel.

The campaign is primarily targeted to the generation Z and digital talents, and thus runs mainly online and on social media. “We want to address the young people directly and personally – with authentic stories. This generation is looking for an authentic employer who takes them as they are and supports them in their personal development – through an atmosphere of trust, inclusive leadership and meaningful projects,” explains Schaumann.

Following the kick-off on the global career website, the campaign is now being rolled out internationally. It will be used on all external touchpoints of talent attraction: social media, job ads, career events, and more. Among other things, Henkel will launch a social media advertising campaign, targeting the generation Z and digital talents in over ten countries.

Bold, authentic and unique: Henkel’s new employer value proposition

The revamped employer brand “Dare to make an impact” showcases what the company stands for and what makes working at the Henkel unique: at a company that combines B2B and B2C businesses under one roof, where technologies meet consumer goods, you can really make an impact on people’s life and wellbeing. A career at Henkel means contributing to a more sustainable future and growing in a strong, vibrant, and diverse company culture. This promise is backed up with concrete examples and proof points of real employee stories, giving an authentic behind-the-scenes look at their everyday work at Henkel.

Henkel launches new digital employer branding campaign

The revamped employer brand “Dare to make an impact” showcases what the company stands for and what makes working at the Henkel unique.

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