Oct 19, 2021  Düsseldorf / Germany

Delivering high-performance photopolymers for medical devices and more

Henkel launches novel 3D Printing resins for healthcare applications

Henkel launches a new class of 3D Printing resins for healthcare applications under its leading Loctite brand. The broad portfolio of high-performance photopolymers offers a range of biocompatibility standards from safe to touch parts to medical devices. In addition to the established portfolio of Loctite 3D Printing resins, the company innovates to deliver tailored formulations to fit the specific application requirements and market demands for optimized production.

Recently, the Henkel 3D Printing facilities in Concord (laboratory) and Dixon (production) in California, USA, have achieved the ISO 13485:2016 certification for medical applications. Henkel 3D printing resins are designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO 13485 quality management standards to ensure uniformity in design, development, production and delivery of medical devices. In Henkel’s case specifically, it covers the design and manufacturing of biocompatible resins and other materials used to produce non-implantable medical devices.

See the complete portfolio of medical resins with biocompatibility info and resins for enabler applications here: Loctite Additive Manufacturing - Healthcare (loctiteam.com)

The range of applications and Henkel’s part in the healthcare focused 3D Printing segment can be seen in our Infographics.

Henkel resins are validated for use in approved workflows which enables customers to achieve consistent results in volume production while meeting the relevant biocompatibility measures. This process allows the company to technically engage with partners to assure results meeting the Technical Data Sheets and are biocompatible. Henkel can help customers de-risk the path to launch a product in the healthcare market by developing products and validating workflows assuring regulatory requirements are met.

To learn more about how Henkel is serving the healthcare industry or requests on custom resin development, please visit www.LoctiteAM.com or reach out to us via loctite3dp@henkel.com.