Oct 28, 2021  Düsseldorf / Germany

Partnership promotes reliable and efficient high-performance windscreen bonding for demanding conditions

Henkel and BRABUS strengthen windscreen bond

For maximum occupant protection, today’s premium independent aftermarket requires high-performance adhesives and sealants for replacing windscreens capable of withstanding higher wind loads, reinforcing torsional stiffness und increasing occupant safety.

BRABUS, the world’s largest independent high-performance tuner, turns to trusted adhesives partner Henkel for what it needs to secure advanced windscreen installations on its demanding “supercar” transformations and classic car restorations. This includes Teroson windscreen adhesives and the Teroson Bond Windscreen Adhesive Application System. Henkel offers the one-stop pre-treatment and application package, featuring a cutting tool, cleaner, primer, adhesive and equipment, to Bodyshop's and car workshops to support easy and efficient windscreen replacement.

“BRABUS is committed to pushing performance to the next level. We have been partnering with Henkel for a number of years because we trust Teroson to reliably support our conversions and re-assemblies in significantly exceeding the driving performance capabilities of production vehicles. The innovative adhesives and application system ensure windscreen fittings stand up to more demanding operating conditions and meet our specific advanced requirements,” says Sven Gramm, Director of Communications at BRABUS.

As windscreens have progressed from simple glazing applications to integrated structural and safety-relevant parts of the vehicle body, direct glazing adhesives must meet a wider range of performance requirements – from the essential flexibility to absorb vibrations, and a leak-proof seal to the structural reinforcement, to occupant protection required in advanced, modern car designs.

Matthias Biegel, Technology and Segment Engineer at Henkel, adds: “Through our long-standing, close relationship with BRABUS, we are constantly evolving Henkel’s adhesives portfolio to meet their advancing needs. In addition to the very important processing properties, the safety of the occupants is a key priority for us. That is why we do not only test our premium windscreen adhesives under standard conditions. All premium adhesives are tested and evaluated with the Henkel standard test under significantly higher loads to ensure maximum occupant protection and provide an extra layer of confidence to our customers.”

Recognizing the automotive aftermarket’s increasing economic and service demands, Henkel’s Teroson Bond Windscreen Adhesive Application System supports a more efficient workflow for windscreen removal and replacement in workshops. It offers a complete toolbox of support and enables the work to be carried out by only one operator. New cartridge labeling has been added to each product to make the system even easier to select and to use.

Used by BRABUS also in conjunction with Henkel’s wider portfolio of direct glazing adhesives and sealants, product highlights from the new system include:

  • Teroson Bond 60: a premium choice 1-component and solvent-free polyurethane (PU) adhesive for safe and reliable auto glass replacement. The high-performance windscreen adhesive offers a unique set of benefits to the market being OEM-approved. It has a safe drive-away time of only 60 minutes (with airbags) in compliance with FMVSS 212/208. In addition to the industry standard – FMVSS 212/208: 48 km/h (30 mph) and 100 % head on – Henkel also test against its New Henkel Crash Test Standard which realistically reproduces a common urban crash scenario at higher speed: 64 km/h (40 mph) and 40% overlap. The product’s low conductivity also means it is compatible with ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) sensors and high voltage battery vehicles. The processing and position tack is easy, clean, and fast thanks to the adhesive’s no-stringing and no-sagging benefits as well as use of the comprehensive pre-treatment and application system.
  • Teroson Bond Easy Cut is a light and easy to use windscreen removal tool with braided polyethylene cord to prevent paint damages that can occur by using conventional metal cords or oscillating knifes. It is also the perfect removal tool especially for aluminum bodies.
  • The Teroson Bond Glass Cleaner optimally prepares and cleans the surface to be bonded. Very high cleaning performance is achieved in combination with the Teroson ET Sponge. The cleaner is water-based and has a short evaporation time even in cold weather conditions.
  • The ultra-abrasive, solvent resistant Teroson Bond Sponge enables reliable removal of contamination on windscreens prior to bonding.
  • Teroson Bond All-in-one Primer for pre-treating of bonding surfaces. It promotes adhesion and UV-protection of the windscreen adhesive when applied as a base layer for the polyurethane bead. Evaporation is fast – approximately 2 minutes even in cold environment for 1-component adhesives.
  • The Teroson ET Gun Powerline II dispensing tool has an integrated pressure increase in the ratio 3:1. This makes the dispensing tool multifunctional, and it can also be used for special bonding and sealing applications, such as flat and wide stream. Lightweight, well-balanced construction. No blasting of cartridges even at high application pressures.

Henkel Key Account Manager Björn Wesch is excited about the closer cooperation with BRABUS: “We are very proud to be a preferred supplier of high-performance materials to BRABUS. Performance vehicles like their supercars place extremely high demands on our products. We therefore do not just see ourselves as a supplier, we see this relationship as a great opportunity for their high standards and expertise to take our products and services to the next level.”

For more information on Henkel’s support for efficient, high-performance windscreen removal and replacement watch the video here and visit the product website here.

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High-end supercars, custom automotive refinement, exclusive lifestyle and 6-star restorations for Mercedes-Benz classics are the domain of BRABUS. In 2017, BRABUS celebrated its 40th anniversary and thus four decades filled with automotive masterworks and luxurious treasures. The world-renowned tuner and car manufacturer offers custom options to satisfy every wish. The BRABUS product lineup ranges from powerful tuned engines and elegantly styled aerodynamic-enhancement kits to high-quality alloy wheels, dynamic yet comfortable sport suspensions and exquisitely luxurious interiors handcrafted to perfection.

Henkel offers the one-stop pre-treatment and application package to bodyshops and car workshops to support easy and efficient windscreen replacement.

Henkel’s Teroson Bond Windscreen Adhesive Application System supports a more efficient workflow for windscreen removal and replacement in workshops.

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