Feb 3, 2022  Düsseldorf / Germany

Refillable Pril Power in a convenient pump dispenser

The new Pril Stark & Natürlich: environmentally friendly dishwashing and sustainable packaging

With its new "Stark & Natürlich (Strong & Natural)" product range, Pril proves that sustainability in the home can be quite simple. For the first time, Pril is offering a refillable pump dispenser. The bottle body is made exclusively from recycled plastic and the refill pouch saves as much as 70 percent plastic compared to the pump dispenser. The formula contains 93 percent ingredients of natural origin as well as food-certified colorants and fragrances. The new Pril Stark & Natürlich is available in the Apple Blossom & Aloe Vera variant and as a variant without fragrances and dyes, each as a pump dispenser and as a recyclable refill pouch.

Sustainability and safety seals

With this innovation, the Pril brand is contributing again to greater sustainability. The pump dispenser and refill pouch are the ideal combination for saving valuable resources and for convenient, correct dosing. The proven high Pril cleaning power with 93 percent ingredients of natural origin offers high grease dissolving power. Pril's new products also score highly in terms of skin compatibility. When developing Pril Strong & Natural Apple Blossom & Aloe Vera, particular attention was paid to ensuring good skin compatibility of the colorants and fragrances. The products are dermatologically tested and certified with the ECARF Seal of the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation. Both the fragrances and colorants are also food-certified. In addition, the formula and packaging concept have won the independent "Blue Angel" environmental seal.

Refill concept

The body of the pump dispenser is made of 100 percent recycled plastic. For a particularly sustainable use of resources, Pril Stark & Natürlich also offers a refill bag for both variants so that the pump dispenser can be refilled again and again. “In this way, consumers save 70 percent plastic when reusing it compared to the Pril Stark & Natürlich pump dispenser. Just like the body of the pump dispenser, the refill bag is also recyclable, because it is made of a polyethylene mono-material,” says Carsten Bertram, Head of Global Packaging Innovation Dishwashing.

Co-developed with consumers

The sustainable product formula and packaging was co-developed in close cooperation with consumers in form of multiple consumer tests, trend research, online and offline interviews. “With the new Pril range “Stark & Natürlich”, we are covering a new demand space. There is a growing consumer demand for cleaning products that offer not only good performance, but also health and sustainability advantages. Pril “Stark & Natürlich” meets all of these demands in providing a superior hand dishwashing experience while building on our strong sustainability commitments,” says Núria Ribe, Corporate Vice President International Marketing for Henkel Home Care.

The new Pril is available in stores throughout Germany from January 2022 and will be launched in further European countries as well.

Pril Stark & Natürlich without fragrances

Pril Stark & Natürlich refill pouch without fragrances

Pril Stark & Natürlich Apple Blossom & Aloe Vera

Pril Stark & Natürlich Apple Blossom & Aloe Vera refill pouch

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