Jul 27, 2022  Düsseldorf / Germany

Boron-free products from Henkel deliver exceptional stability

Henkel’s boron-free Bonderite range – The ideal combination of cost savings, sustainability, and performance for metalworking

Some decisions in business demand tough choices. However, Henkel’s boron-free Bonderite portfolio of solutions for cleaning, lubrication and cooling for metalworking ensures that the sustainable path can be taken without compromise. Boron- and bactericide free, innovative products such as the Bonderite L-MR 21718 lubricant and Bonderite C-NE 10640, provide a safer working environment that also reduces waste and energy consumption for example by recycling the cleaner in the lubrication process.

“At Henkel we strive to be leaders in sustainability, not only through our own business practices but also by creating high performing solutions that empower our customers to forge more sustainable paths forward and shape greener and cleaner value chains,” commented Martin Desinger, Technology Manager for Cleaners & Lubricants, Henkel. “The key to effecting this vital change is innovation that makes the sustainable choice also the smarter business choice - where the solution that protects the environment is also a cost-effective one that delivers exceptional performance. With our boron-free product portfolio, we are offering state of the art solutions that help businesses gain a competitive edge while optimizing their environmental performance.”
Boron has been conventionally used in metalworking products to inhibit the proliferation of bacteria and as a fungicide, yet these biocidal qualities also present environmental risks and risks to workers. However, Henkel’s boron-free formulations deliver exceptional stability without these added risks, while providing a skin-safe option for greater workplace safety.

Henkel’s emulsifier system adds greater lubricity to increase tool life while reducing the oil content of products – providing equivalent or greater lubricity and more dispersion. This delivers the added advantage of reducing consumption levels by around 30 percent on average and up to 50 percent – reducing waste and water consumption, while reducing CO2 emissions by cutting fossil fuel use.

Bonderite L-MR 21718 "The Allrounder" Lubricant

Boron and bactericide-free, this water-miscible coolant is ideal for the general machining of steel, aluminum, and grey cast iron materials (alloys) as well for non-ferrous metals in a material mix. The “Allrounder” for nearly all machining operations (grinding, turning, drilling, milling, threading, honing, etc.).

The high lubricity of Bonderite L-MR 21718 extends tool lifetime and reduces process costs. Its excellent cleaning performance keeps machines clean, while reducing maintenance costs.

Bonderite C-NE 10640 “The Allrounder” Cleaner

This boron and bactericide-free, biostable cleaner is suited for nearly all materials with corrosion protection, useful at low temperatures, for spray and emersion cleaning processes. At the end of the cleaner bath life, the product can be recycled into the L-MR emulsion to reduce waste, water, and product consumption, as well as CO2 emissions.

With the new European legislation (17th ATP) coming into effect December 2022, Henkel’s Bonderite boron free product range ensures compliance with the product chemical composition. For more detailed information on this topic Henkel has compiled a comprehensive overview for its solutions in connection to the new legislation.

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