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Henkel presents innovative adhesive solutions portfolio for sustainable packaging and palletizing

Henkel at Fachpack 2022: Creating the sustainable packaging of tomorrow

Henkel is proud to be participating in Fachpack 2022 in Nuremberg, Germany from September 27-29. The trade show brings together key players from across the European packaging supply chain and this year will focus on “Transition in Packaging” – a theme of special importance to Henkel. As a key partner to the packaging industry, Henkel is supporting its customers in achieving their sustainability goals by enabling a circular economy for packaging via reduced material and energy consumption and greater recyclability. At Stand 108, Hall 1, Henkel will be showcasing a portfolio of adhesive solutions that address the breadth of packaging challenges: This includes a carbon-negative bio-based adhesive and low application temperature hot melt adhesives from the Technomelt range, and innovative solutions that reduce plastic waste through multipack gluing and palletizing.

“The journey towards more sustainable packaging demands a holistic approach that spans the entire packaging value chain. At Henkel, we are committed to setting new sustainability standards in our industries. As a leader in adhesive technologies, we understand how adhesives can impact the sustainability of consumer goods packaging and are innovating solutions that support our customers’ sustainability goals,” explains Svenja Thiel, Market Strategy Manager Packaging & Labeling Adhesives EIMEA, Henkel. “At Fachpack 2022 we are excited to share our holistic approach to sustainability – not only through the innovative products and processes presented on our stand but also through our commitment to transparency and close cooperation with customers and suppliers.”

Technomelt Supra ECO: The first carbon-negative hot melt adhesive

Addressing sustainability challenges demands breakthrough innovation. At Fachpack 2022, Henkel will showcase Technomelt Supra ECO - the first carbon-negative hot melt adhesive. Made with a high portion of bio-based material, it provides full traceability of the CO2 footprint and the sustainable sourcing of raw materials, thanks to a mass balance approach certified under ISCC PLUS. This enables manufacturers and brand owners to develop and produce packaging with the lowest environmental impact, without sacrificing Henkel's high performance.

Henkel’s COOL adhesive portfolio

Henkel is also presenting the Technomelt Supra COOL range of low application temperature hot melt adhesives at Fachpack 2022. Designed to improve production efficiencies and reduce downtime, Technomelt Supra COOL case and carton sealing adhesives are applied at lower temperatures – up to 40% less compared to conventional hot melts. The lower application temperatures offer distinct benefits by helping the adhesives last longer, maintaining viscosity stability, while prolonging equipment life, decreasing maintenance costs and improving start-up times. Beyond these advantages, the Cool range offers exceptional sustainability, as the low application temperatures help to reduce the energy consumption.  

Sustainable palletizing with minimal waste

To keep up with increasing consumer demand, containers and packages must be transported safely and efficiently but the use of stretch film to wrap pallets creates plastic waste. Henkel’s Technomelt Supra PS palletizing solutions provide the sustainable answer. At Fachpack 2022, Henkel will show how adhesives can be used to effectively stack and secure packages to pallets to cut waste, improve safety, and lower overall costs. In addition to reducing or eliminating the need for plastic films, these specially designed adhesives also reduce the need for intermediate layer materials and can also be integrated into the production process to enable increased automation.

Cut out single use plastics with multi-pack gluing

Henkel experts at Fachpack 2022 will also be on hand to discuss solutions for replacing plastic rings and shrink wrap with sustainable alternatives based on adhesives and/or cardboard.

“We are looking forward to meeting our customers and partners at Fachpack to discuss how we can help address their sustainability challenges towards new packaging designs,” said Marcel Hübenthal, Director European Sales Team Packaging & Labeling Adhesives, Henkel. “From producing adhesives with lower carbon footprint, to enabling more sustainable production processes and to offering better solutions to ensure products reach customers safely - Henkel can help at every step.”

Solutions from Adhesive Technologies help to reduce plastic in can multipacks

With Henkel's adhesive solutions, packages and pallets can be stacked efficiently – while at the same time the use of plastic is reduced

One innovation from Henkel at FACHPACK 2022: The first carbon-negative hot melt adhesive Technomelt Supra ECO

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