Oct 25, 2022  Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel launches silicone-free, fast-dispensable battery thermal management solution

Henkel expands EV battery solution offering with Bergquist TGF 2010 APS

With the rapid growth in EV sales, manufacturers are seeking new ways to manufacture better, safer batteries that manage thermal risks, while also increasing production efficiency and cost. As an expert partner to automotive OEMs and component manufacturers, Henkel Adhesive Technologies is delivering innovations to meet these objectives.

“The fast-growing development towards zero-emissions mobility, especially E-Mobility, is requiring steady innovation to meet demands in this field,” says Stephan Hoefer, Global Market Strategy Head for E-Mobility at Henkel. “These large market potentials are fuelling Henkel’s effort to expand our portfolio of E-Mobility solutions even further, especially pushing forward in the field of thermal interface materials.”

Henkel has launched a new product within its suite of solutions for EV batteries – Bergquist TGF 2010 APS – a new two-part silicone-free, liquid gap filler. The new thermal gap filler solution helps to extend the life of automotive batteries through its high-performance heat dissipation qualities, while also helping customers manufacture battery packs faster and optimize their equipment maintenance costs. Thanks to its silicone-free formulation, the risks of silicon outgassing are avoided, thereby preventing negative impacts to electrical contacts or to surfaces to be painted.

Developed in close collaboration with Henkel customers and dispensing equipment suppliers, the new solution has already demonstrated its performance within production environments: With a high dispense rate of 80cc/second and an application time of approximately 60 seconds, one OEM has confirmed that the new solution has enabled the manufacture of 800 battery packs a day on a single production line. When deployed, Bergquist TGF 2010 APS provides a thermal conductivity of 2.0W/mK, allowing ample heat dissipation. The optimized filler package with low abrasion characteristics helps reducing maintenance work and wear of dispense equipment. The new product also fulfills the need of OEMs for a fast-dispensable gap filler solution that allows a high through-put rate in production lines without requiring investment in additional equipment. The low squeeze flow of the material enables a fast assembly of the battery modules keeping cycle times at a very high level.

“For us at Henkel it is essential that our products and solutions meet the needs of our customers as best as possible. For that we build on our know how and technologies as well as our close relationships along the entire value chain,” explains Marvin Romberg, E-Mobility Business Development Manager EIMEA at Henkel. “The Bergquist TGF 2010 APS was developed to perfectly reflect customer demands in Battery Gap Fillers and shows how Henkel supports with the right setup for mass production, utilizing our global partner network of dispensing equipment suppliers.”

For more information please visit www.henkel-adhesives.com/emobility.

Bergquist TGF 2010 APS applied between the battery module and the cooling plate.

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