Nov 17, 2022  Düsseldorf / Germany

Meeting of experts from academia, start-ups, device design, med-tech manufacturing and the digital business building community

Henkel hosts leading med-tech experts to advance innovation in the medical ecosystem

On November 15, Henkel welcomed over 60 medical technology thought leaders and innovators to new Inspiration Center Düsseldorf (ICD).  The event, entitled ‘Growing the Healthcare Ecosystem’, was designed to foster conversation and spark ideas among some of the most talented and knowledgeable specialists in the med-tech sector.

Organized by Henkel’s Vice President Industrials and Global Head of the Medical Business Dr.  Philipp Loosen, Global Manager of Medical Partnerships Alexander Rehn, and Corporate Venture Capital Manager Grant Kupko, the networking session aimed to tackle the question, ‘What does it take to move digital, more individualized healthcare forward?’ Special guests from across the medical landscape were enthusiastic about advancing this discussion.

“In just the last decade, we have witnessed how technology innovation has significantly moved the needle in health monitoring and individualized care,” said Rehn, highlighting Henkel’s contributions to remote heart monitoring and moisture sensing innovations, among many others. “For example, medical wearables enabling real-time data acquisition, have dramatically improved health outcomes while reducing the burden on caregivers and medical facilities. We need to amplify this progress to lower costs, increase user access, and leverage digital tools more effectively. This event was the continuation of an all-hands collaborative effort to succeed in these areas, solve challenges and enrich the medical ecosystem.”

After welcome remarks from the Henkel hosts and a keynote address by Professor Dr. David Matusiewicz, Dean and Institute Director of Healthcare and Social Sciences at FOM University, attendees participated in two panel discussions. The first panel focused on overcoming obstacles to innovation implementation, while the second roundtable centered on what is required to build a robust, responsive medical ecosystem that can successfully bring digital and physical med-tech solutions to the patient. The conversation was lively and inspiring, with insights from experts across the medical spectrum – from start-ups to medical device designers and manufacturers to suppliers, insurance specialists, and care providers.

Keynote speaker Matusiewicz commented on the power of gatherings like this. “I congratulate the Henkel team for having the vision and perseverance to assemble all of these med-tech leaders in one place,” he said. “It’s not easy to organize such a group, but these conversations are critical to the cause of modern healthcare. We all work in our own bubbles sometimes, so sharing ideas across disciplines is essential. We need ten times the speed in the healthcare system; let’s make it happen!”

By all accounts, the networking event achieved precisely what it was designed to do: connect people and ideas to provide better care for patients. As Philipp Loosen noted after the conclusion of the event, “Make no mistake: The well-being of our future societies will be enhanced by smart medical technology. Henkel and our skilled partners plan to be at the center of this transformation, and we are grateful for all who have the grit and imagination to bring medical innovation to life.”

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Alexander Rehn, Global Business Development Manager Medical Partnerships, opening the event.

First Panel: „Overcoming obstacles to implementing innovations“ – led by Prof. Dr. David Matusiewicz; with Vera Knauer, Dr. Tobias Henz, Dr. Meinrad Lugan, Dr. Philipp Loosen.

Second Panel: “What does it take to build a medical ecosystem and how can we do better?” – led By Alexander Rehn; with Maria-Liisa Bruckert, Dr. Anne Latz, Pia Schmiedel, Dr. Hans Daneels, Stephan Buschhüter.

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