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Setting a new strategic course with Henkel dx Ventures

Henkel expands corporate venture capital activities

Henkel has set a new strategic course for its corporate venture capital activities in the consumer goods business after the company has generated a second 150-million-euro fund earlier this year. The company’s venturing unit Henkel dx Ventures focuses its activities on a strong and future-oriented strategy. It partners with start-ups for co-innovation and invests in promising ventures globally in two defined focus areas, which are digital commerce and sustainability.

“Entrepreneurs and Henkel’s experts can form a powerful combination. With Henkel dx Ventures, we aim at strengthening these ties and creating a unique innovation force. We’re here to foster progress in business and technology. Digital commerce and sustainability – our core investment areas – are among the most exciting and promising fields to come. Together, we will drive the future of commerce and make Henkel a champion in the digital world“, says Michael Nilles, Chief Digital and Information Officer at Henkel and Chair at Henkel dx Ventures.

Henkel dx Ventures evaluates and manages equity investments and joint development projects with start-ups. The aim is to explore new technologies, applications, and business models in areas of strategic interest to Henkel. At the same time, start-ups can benefit from the collaboration with Henkel by getting access to the ecosystem of tech experts and scientists, sharing knowledge, Henkel’s well-established network and over 145 years of experience in the fast-moving consumer goods industry.

“We are opening a new chapter with Henkel dx Ventures. Our strength lies in our team and its strong network. While we are closely connected to the global Henkel business, we are also part of a thriving ecosystem and start-up scene. Here, we bring together founders, entrepreneurs, and industry experts”, says Marc Thom, Corporate Vice President, and Head of Henkel dx Ventures. “I am convinced that in a networked economy, success comes from collaboration. And it is our fundamental believe that investments and partnership must go hand in hand.”

Focus on two future-oriented investment areas

Henkel dx Ventures follows a balanced approach with strategic fit and solid financial return. Within its two focus areas, the venturing unit invests in early-stage, late seed until B rounds. The two dedicated investment areas are:

  • Digital Commerce
    Consumer preferences and expectations have shifted rapidly in the last years. An omnichannel interaction with all kinds of devices, 24/7, is more and more expected. It is necessary for brick-and-mortar retailers as well as for fast-moving consumer goods companies like Henkel to adapt in an era of online shopping. New players are entering various channels as ”digital invaders” and the lines among manufacturers, platforms, and retailers are becoming blurry. Therefore, new levels come in like personalization of products and experiences as well as easy-to-access reselling platforms. To expand Henkel’s presence within digital commerce, Henkel dx Ventures is particularly interested in social commerce, web 3.0, peer-to-peer platforms, AdTech and MarTech.
  • Sustainability
    Henkel’s 2030+ Sustainability Ambition Framework aims for a circular and net-zero carbon future by transforming their business products and raw materials. Henkel believes that sustainable products and technologies will have a competitive edge over conventional products. Through the combination of their technical material knowledge and science-based innovations, Henkel is an important player and partner in society. That it is why Henkel dx Ventures is looking for founders with a holistic view of the challenges our world is facing. Particular areas of interest include climate and sustainable operations (e.g. CO2 utilization, value chain transparency, CO2 footprint and life cycle assessments), circular economy and packaging (e.g. synthetic materials, plastic avoidance, recyclability and reusability) as well as nature and biodiversity (e.g. renewable raw materials, palm oil alternatives and sustainable formulations).

Further information

Start-ups and investors can find further information on Henkel dx Ventures capital activities, including contact partners here:

Marc Thom, Head of Henkel dx Ventures, presents the two strategic focus areas: Digital Commerce and Sustainability.

Michael Nilles, CDIO at Henkel and Chair Henkel dx Ventures, presents the new venturing strategy for Henkel´s consumer goods business during a thought leadership event in Berlin.

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