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Bergquist Liqui Form TLF 10000 tackles high-power application challenges and balances exceptional heat dissipation and processability

Henkel lands second industry award for high thermal conductivity gel TIM

Henkel today announced that its Bergquist Liqui Form TLF 10000 gel thermal interface material (TIM) has earned a prestigious NPI Award from Circuits Assembly magazine. The trophy was presented to the electronic materials leader during last week’s IPC APEX EXPO event in San Diego, CA, and marks the second notable industry honor for the groundbreaking thermal gel. Henkel’s 10.0 W/m-K TIM was also selected as a Global Technology Award winner by Global SMT & Packaging last year.

Across electronics applications and most especially in the data, 5G telecom, EV, and industrial automation sectors, high-power devices are required to manage data processing and digitalization demands. The resulting increased component density, complexity, and higher wattage thermal output must be effectively managed to ensure reliable operation – but not at the expense of productivity. Bergquist Liqui Form TLF 10000 has bridged the process-production gap, and the industry has taken note.

In remarks about the NPI Award selection criteria, Printed Circuit Electronics Association (PCEA) president and Circuits Assembly magazine editorial director, Mike Buetow, emphasized this point. “Printed circuit assemblies are getting smaller and tighter,” he said. “The judges this year focused on solutions with the flexibility and accuracy needed to support this ongoing trend.”

Bergquist Liqui Form TLF 10000 has significantly higher thermal performance than its predecessor and achieved a 30% increase in flow rate. This formulation balance – high 10.0 W/m-K filler loading and fast dispensing – is exceptionally challenging to attain and gives manufacturers what the market demands: best-in-class heat-dissipating capability with flexible production characteristics for high-volume manufacture.

“We are grateful to the expert engineers on the judging panel for their insightful evaluation and to Circuits Assembly magazine for hosting this award contest,” said Henkel Data & Telecom Global Head of Market Strategy, Wayne Eng. “Bergquist Liqui Form TLF 10000 is a consequential solution for high-power system performance, and it is gratifying to earn this recognition.”

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Henkel´s Bergquist Liqui Form TLF 10000 gel thermal interface material (TIM) has earned a prestigious NPI Award from Circuits Assembly magazine.

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