Apr 25, 2023  Düsseldorf / Germany

Extended partnership to leapfrog to digital innovation

Henkel and SAP bring strategic partnership to the next level

Henkel and SAP have teamed up to drive digital co-innovation by leveraging a unique combination of future-ready software, technology, and ecosystem, to further boost Henkel’s digital transformation journey.

Two significant changes will be executed in a tailor-made approach: implementing the cutting-edge software SAP S/4HANA and fully transitioning into the cloud. With that, Henkel leapfrogs ahead of the curve by accessing the latest digital innovations significantly faster while also ensuring that the business benefits from the new ecosystem, technologies and software power.

As part of the partnership, Henkel will benefit along the entire value chain from increased data-driven decision making in real time, and faster time-to-market through leaner and more sustainable processes. “Digital transformation, alongside innovation and sustainability, is one of the key levers of our purposeful growth agenda to achieve competitive edge. To drive digital across all our business activities, we need strong collaborations like these – to co-innovate and pool expertise. That’s why I am happy to see that our long-lasting partnership with SAP evolves to the next level of digital innovation,” says Carsten Knobel, CEO of Henkel. “Our decision to strengthen our partnership reflects our commitment to innovation and our willingness to embrace change to further improve our business,” Carsten Knobel continues.

“By digitalizing and automating their core processes, organizations gain the agility and speed they need to respond to rapid change,” says Christian Klein, CEO and Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE. “We’re excited to extend our longstanding partnership with Henkel to accelerate their digital transformation to the cloud and help future proof their business,” adds Christian Klein.

Partnering to co-innovate

Henkel and SAP have been working together for decades. The partnership goes far beyond the mere purchase of software and technologies. Rather, it is about working together on innovations, developing solutions tailored to Henkel's business needs and challenges to drive digitalization and make it a real value driver. With the expanded partnership, the companies are now taking a decisive step further to leapfrog to the next level of innovation.

“For us at Henkel, software and technology are key drivers of innovation. SAP is building on more than 50 years of business process and technology expertise. Together, we will boost Henkel’s digitalization – leveraging SAP’s innovation power and tech ecosystem,” says Michael Nilles, Chief Digital and Information Officer at Henkel.

“The strategic partnership with Henkel symbolizes a milestone in SAP’s mission to help companies transform into intelligent enterprises,” says Juergen Mueller, Chief Technology Officer and Member of the Executive Board at SAP SE. “With the help of SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Technology Platform we aim to leapfrog Henkel’s business to the next level of digital innovation.”

From left: Jürgen Müller (Chief Technology Officer SAP SE), Carsten Knobel (CEO Henkel), Christian Klein (CEO SAP SE) and Michael Nilles (Chief Digital and Information Officer Henkel) bring the strategic partnership between SAP and Henkel to the next level to further boost Henkel’s digital transformation journey.

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