Aug 8, 2023  Düsseldorf / Germany

Three customer awards recognize innovative and sustainable solutions for metal pretreatment

Customers present sustainability awards to Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Innovations are boosting sustainability in a wide range of industries and processes – and along the entire value chain. Customers of the Henkel’s Adhesive Technologies business unit recently recognized this important positive impact by presenting three prestigious awards for metal pretreatments to the company: the Paint Sustainability Innovation Award from ArcelorMittal, the Global Supplier Award from Novelis, and Best Project of 2022 from B/S/H.

International steel producer ArcelorMittal presents its Paint Innovation Award to celebrate projects that open up exciting opportunities for innovative future products. Novelis, a company that produces flat-rolled aluminum products, honors outstanding partnerships and high-quality solutions that drive sustainability with its Global Supplier Award. And the Best Project award from household appliance manufacturer B/S/H recognizes outstanding suppliers who support progress toward its ambitious sustainability goals.

For many years, Henkel Adhesive Technologies have been working to optimize processes in the metals industry and to reduce the sector’s impact on the environment. Even in the future the company aims to lead with technologies enabling sustainability. “We are proud to receive recognition for our contributions to our customers’ process efficiency and sustainability,” says Volker Mansfeld, Vice President Metals EIMEA at Henkel Adhesive Technologies. “We see these awards as a motivation to keep improving our CO2 footprint, as well as to enabling our customers to rethink their applications, processes and products – to become even more sustainable in the future.”

In addition, the company has set itself the goal of optimizing its own footprint and becoming climate-positive in its operations by 2030. One example of the implementation of this ambition is the Henkel production site in Montornès, Spain, where CO2-neutral production has been implemented since this year for lubricants, cleaners and surface treatments, among other products.

The sustainability ambition of Henkel Adhesive Technologies is also reflected in the product portfolio. The company offers a comprehensive range of innovative and sustainable lubricants, cleaners, surface treatments and coatings. This includes solutions that help customers to reduce water consumption and wastewater output as well as technologies that save energy, decrease material consumption and boost overall efficiency. This helps customers to cut the CO2 emissions of their metal pretreatment processes. Henkel also uses data-driven systems to optimize metal pretreatment processes and to increase transparency about the respective environmental impact of these processes.

Henkel Adhesive Technologies expresses its commitment to enabling a more sustainable metals industry with its framework: ‘REspect REthink Reinvent’. These three pillars reflect its dedication to enabling safer, cleaner and more efficient processes. “We respect our planet and want to create a better future for the generations to come,” says Mansfeld. “Together with our customers, we are conducting sustainability and innovation workshops to rethink the status quo and to reinvent applications, processes and products to make a positive impact. Delivering highest performance while conserving resources is at the heart of this continuous optimization approach.”

From left to right: Volker Mansfeld, Vice President Metals EIMEA, Ronald Elemans, Key Account Manager Metal Coil, and Luc Vliex, Global Key Account Manager, receive the Paint Sustainability Innovation Award from customer ArcelorMittal on behalf of Adhesive Technologies.

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