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Bergquist Hi Flow THF 5000UT honored in Lightwave’s annual Innovation Review, earns high score in competitive category

Henkel thin bond line phase change thermal interface material (TIM) recognized by industry innovation award program

Henkel announced today that its phase change thermal interface material (TIM), Bergquist Hi Flow THF 5000UT, was recognized by the 2024 Lightwave Innovation Reviews. Now in its 11th year, this prestigious program enlists experienced optical communications industry experts to evaluate new products for their innovative contributions to fiberoptics and optoelectronics applications. Henkel earned an honoree distinction with its Bergquist Hi Flow THF 5000UT, which received a high score in the communications, semiconductors, and electrical ICs category.

A silicone-free phase change TIM, Bergquist Hi Flow THF 5000UT delivers thin bond line capability with low pressure and low thermal impedance to dissipate heat from large die processors and power applications often used in data center systems. Tested and validated for a wide power range of up to 800 W, the material helps protect high-value devices from damaging heat and pressure and contributes to overall operating expense reduction.

“The function-limiting effects of heat in the data center is one of today’s most challenging industry issues,” explains Wayne Eng, Henkel Data & Telecom Global Head of Market Strategy. “Though there are many temperature control methods, effectively dissipating heat at its source – the component – is a key piece of any comprehensive thermal strategy.  We are grateful the judging panel recognizes Bergquist Hi Flow THF 5000UT’s significance and thank Lightwave for hosting this evaluation forum.”

Most TIMs require mechanical pressure using screws or clips to achieve ultra-thin bond lines and thorough wet out. But thin, delicate multi-die ICs can be damaged if the pressure is too high.  Bergquist Hi Flow THF 5000UT delivers exceptionally low thermal resistance at market-leading low mechanical pressure, which is essential for multi-chip devices used in high-performance compute applications.

Lightwave Editor-in-Chief Sean Buckley extends his congratulations, saying, “On behalf of the Lightwave Innovation Reviews, I congratulate Henkel on its well-deserved honoree achievement. This competitive program enables Lightwave to showcase and applaud the most innovative products, projects, technologies, and programs that significantly impact the industry.”

The Lightwave Innovation Review recognition is the second recent industry honor for Henkel’s Bergquist Hi Flow THF 5000UT. The phase change TIM won a Global Technology award for innovation in November 2023.

More information about Bergquist Hi Flow THF 5000UT is available here.

Bergquist Hi Flow THF 5000UT has been honored in Lightwave’s annual Innovation Review.

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