May 15, 2024  Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel enables the next generation of safe, sustainable, and high-performing EV batteries

Discover Henkel’s innovations for sustainable battery design and assembly at the Battery Show Europe 2024

As a leading partner in the automotive industry for designing and developing safer and more sustainable next-generation EV batteries, Henkel is proud to announce its participation at the Battery Show Europe 2024. Set to take place at Messe Stuttgart from June 18 to 20, 2024, the premier event is recognized as Europe’s leading exhibition for the latest innovations in the electric vehicle battery industry. At its booth (Hall 10, booth G10), Henkel will present its pioneering capabilities that enhance every stage of the battery lifecycle.

“From modeling and simulation solutions that significantly accelerate the development of EV batteries, to full-scale battery system testing, Henkel is constantly innovating solutions that will make EVs safer and more affordable,” explains Frank Kerstan, Head of E-Mobility Europe at Henkel. 

Key innovations presented by Henkel at the Battery Show Europe include new debondable adhesives that enable the circularity of batteries, by facilitating repair, re-use, and recyclability. “High energy density battery designs, such as cell-to-pack designs, require high structural integrity of the battery cells into the battery tray or even the car structure. With this in mind, debonding technology becomes vital to enable the repair, reuse, and recyclability of the battery,” adds Dr. Olaf Lammerschop, Global Technology Lead for E-Mobility at Henkel.

Henkel will also present its latest modeling and simulation capabilities that help customers and partners accelerate their product development timelines. “We are significantly reducing product launch times by leveraging our state-of-the-art battery simulation and testing capabilities,” comments Dr. Keon Lee, Senior Manager Product Development, Battery Solutions at Henkel. “Most notably, we recently opened our new Battery Engineering Center in Düsseldorf, a ground-breaking facility where we offer our customers modeling and simulation services, automated material dispensing, and full-scale battery system testing. These unique capabilities help our customers improve the safety, performance and quality of cost-effective next generation EV batteries.” 

The Henkel booth will host a live showcase on Tuesday, June 18, 2024, at 11:30 AM around the new Battery Engineering Center and its capabilities. 

Discover the Henkel portfolio 

Alongside the latest innovations and capabilities, Henkel’s exhibition booth provides visitors with the opportunity to meet with Henkel experts and discover the broad portfolio of solutions, tailored to optimizing the design, assembly and sustainability of EV batteries. This includes: 

  • Battery Safety Materials – including Battery Safety Coatings, Battery Safety Pads, and Battery Safety Pottings.
  • Thermal Interface Materials – a comprehensive and innovative portfolio that includes thermal gap fillers and thermally conductive adhesives that are suitable for all different types of battery designs and new cell-to-pack configurations.
  • Battery Conductive Coatings – to improve the overall lifetime performance and range of the battery cells. 
  • Dielectric Coatings – replacing conventional PET-foil. These UV curable coatings for the outer surface of the battery cell case deliver high dielectric strength and structural performance.
  • Gasketing and Sealants – Advanced sealants vital for efficient manufacture of battery packs that can meet the rigorous stresses of automotive applications, as well as serviceable gasketing materials, including foam gaskets, which enable reopening of battery packs for repair, second life applications, and recycling.
  • Structural and Assembly Adhesives – including Henkel’s wide range of structural adhesives for bonding elements of the battery pack housing, semi-structural adhesives to assemble cells to the module, adhesives for battery cell assembly.

Henkel highlights at the Battery Show Europe 2024

Henkel applications at the Battery Show Europe 2024

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