Jun 11, 2024  Düsseldorf / Germany

Breaking Boundaries in medical 3D Printing

Henkel introduces Loctite 3D MED3394, a novel solution for post-sterilization durability

With the introduction of Loctite 3D MED3394 Henkel has launched a further innovation within its growing portfolio of medical-grade resins for 3D printing. The novel resin represents a significant advancement, notable for its robust resistance against sterilization methods that commonly challenge other photopolymers in the market. Following up to 25 autoclave cycles, Loctite 3D MED3394 preserves mechanical properties and dimensional stability, alongside high feature accuracy and low solvent absorption. This resin ensures reliable performance in demanding medical applications.

In addition to its sterilization resilience, Loctite 3D MED3394 is compliant with stringent ISO 10993 standards for biocompatibility, meeting the highest safety and quality requirements. Furthermore, the product is formulated without CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, or Reproductively hazardous) ingredients. Its dimensional accuracy and stability make it ideal for applications requiring sterilization or chemical resistance, including surgical tools, hospital devices, and clean room environments. Available in both white and sheer black, Loctite 3D MED3394 features impressive Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT) and tensile properties, setting a new benchmark for precision and durability in medical applications.

“We are proud of this advancement in the field of medical 3D printing,.” said Dr. Daniel Adams, Vice President at Henkel for Loctite 3D Printing. “With our new sterilizable material, Loctite 3D MED3394, we are addressing a clear customer need and show our dedication to providing innovative solutions that support healthcare professionals to deliver quality patient care.” 

The Loctite 3D Printing team will be showcasing Loctite 3D MED3394 at Rapid+TCT 2024 (Booth 1447), providing attendees with the opportunity to experience its performance and versatility firsthand. 

For more information about Loctite 3D MED3394 and its applications, please visit LoctiteAM.com or contact us.

Henkel has introduced Loctite 3D MED3394, a novel solution for post-sterilization durability.

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