Jan 26, 2016  Scottsdale / USA

Persil ProClean gets into the game with a major announcement

Henkel’s Persil ProClean Joins The Big Leagues with Release of Super Bowl® Commercial

There’s a new player in the laundry league and Henkel is looking to score a touchdown in Super Bowl® 50. Henkel announced today that the premium laundry detergent brand, Persil ProClean, will unveil a new 2016 ad campaign with a highly-anticipated commercial during one of the most-watched and coveted television events in the U.S.

The Persil ProClean spot will feature the brand’s stain-fighting Super Hero, “The Professional,” which will air in the game on February 7th, 2016. In anticipation of the commercial debut on game day, Persil ProClean has released a prologue that can be viewed here.

Persil ProClean has only been available to U.S. consumers since early 2015, but the Persil brand has been globally renowned for over a century. First launched in Germany in 1907 and now sold in over 60 countries across 5 continents, Persil brings new global premium detergent technology to the U.S. Persil ProClean’s exceptional stain-fighting, whitening, and freshness have translated into impressive repeat-purchase rates, showing that once consumers try it, they love it.

The investment in a Super Bowl ad within the first year of Persil ProClean being in market shows Henkel’s commitment to the success of the brand. “Persil ProClean might be a new player in the U.S. Market, but Persil ProClean means business and is here to stay,” says Andreas Hartleb, Senior Vice President & General Manager of the Laundry & Home Care business unit in the United States. “A Super Bowl commercial comes with a hefty price tag but there is no better time or audience than the Super Bowl and its 100 million+ viewers to build brand awareness. For those consumers who haven’t yet heard about the brand – Persil is ready for its big debut!”

Initially launched exclusively with Walmart retailers stateside, the Persil ProClean portfolio – consisting of Power-Liquid, Power-Pearls and Power-Caps – has quickly gained momentum and has expanded its reach to national grocery, drugstore, and club store distribution spanning over 26,000 U.S. doors.

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