Winning Four!

Bref’s success story

Laundry & Cleaning Future Oct 11, 2019
Researcher Anke Klemmstein (middle) was involved in the development of the 4-balls rimblock from Bref right from the start.


A brand’s success does not come from nowhere. It is based on innovation power and a smart strategic approach for brand development. A perfect example of this is a brightly-colored 4-ball rimblock from Bref. It will now be available in the markets as Bref De Luxe – the first rimblock with scent inspired by fine fragrances.

“Bref is one of the most successful examples of what is possible with careful, strategic brand management. Every concept and every innovation were extremely successful,” explains Nuría Ribé, Head of International Marketing Home Care at Henkel, proudly. In fact, the toilet care category is one of the greatest success stories for Laundry & Home Care and for Henkel.

The starting impulse for this product’s impressive, successful development was the decision to market the new rimblock in a playful four-ball-design. Today – not even ten years later – it is sold in 66 countries.

A brief look back at this story of innovation ...

Henkel developed the toilet care category systematically from the start and set many innovation impulses. The success of this category started with the launch of the dual-chamber rim hanger Bref Duo Activ, that brought strong revenue and market share growth.

In 2008, the time was ripe for the next innovation. Consumers wanted more cleaning power, more freshness and a better-looking design. To meet these challenging demands Henkel decided on what at the time was a very innovative organization: a cross-functional, very agile team working together on totally new ideas. The outcome of two years of development work and close collaboration with a gumball manufacturer was the first rimblock shaped like a ball. The four balls in a little container basket were an unusually quick success in the market.


"An essential success factor at Bref is the product design in the form of the 4 balls. In addition, we are constantly developing new technologies. These include, for example, innovative technologies to improve performance, but also particularly sophisticated fragrance technologies such as Bref De Luxe."

Lovely Jasmine

Top notes: Citrus
Heart notes: Jasmine & Lilly
Base notes: Pine

Delicate Magnolia

Top notes: Papaya
Heart notes: Magnolia & Pink Orchid
Base notes: Cedar wood

Magic Moonflower

Top notes: Ginger & Bergamot
Heart notes: Jasmine & Lavender
Base notes: Sandalwood

High-end perfume fragrances for the toilet

The latest premium innovation: Bref De Luxe, the first ever perfume for the toilet. For the launch, an attractive and elaborately shaped blister packaging underlines the premium character. This clearly distinguishes the product from the square-shaped packaging that has been generally used up to now. The fragrances are extremely high-quality and complex, inspired by well-known fragrances from perfumery.