Responsible Consumer Communication

We communicate with our consumers in an open and transparent manner, guided by clear principles and rules.

Being represented in many product markets and many regions around the world we operate subject to the laws and regulations of different legal systems. Being a good corporate citizen means that we comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations in the communities in which we operate, while also respecting local traditions and other social norms. This is deeply anchored on our Code of Conduct.

We support international and national self-regulatory bodies by applying international and national self-regulatory codes for marketing and advertising of consumer products across our businesses worldwide and being a member of the respective self-regulatory bodies and/or industry associations. Furthermore, we engage in voluntary initiatives of our trade associations aiming at commercial fairness and responsible consumer communication.

We use marketing claims that are relevant, substantiated and based on proven performance results and scientific data.

Besides that, we provide true and reliable descriptions of our products and their properties.

In addition, we provide consumers with clear and readily understandable instructions on the proper and safe use of our products.

We use the most appropriate communication channels, including product labels, websites, social platforms, or consumer service lines, to ensure our information reach the consumers.

We are sensitive and listen to reactions of religious, ethnic, cultural or social groups to our advertising.

In selecting media channels and formats for our advertising, we avoid a media environment that promotes violence, pornography, racism or hatred toward others.

By living up to our promises we win and keep the loyalty of our consumers.