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How are we implementing our strategy?

We are concentrating our activities on six focal areas that reflect the key challenges of sustainable development as they relate to our operations. To successfully implement our strategy and reach our targets, we want to strengthen our foundation, boost the engagement of our employees and maximize our impact.

Strengthen foundation

In order to reconcile people’s desire to live well with the resource limits of the planet, and to allow us to build on our economic success, we will have to significantly improve our efficiency. In light of the global challenges of sustainable development, Henkel has set itself a long-term goal: Taking 2010 as the base year, our aim by 2030 is to triple the value we create through our business operations in relation to the environmental footprint of our products and services.

Boost engagement

When it comes to implementing our sustainability strategy, our people play a key role – through their dedication, skills and knowledge. They make their own contributions to sustainable development, both in their daily business lives and as members of society.They interface with our customers and drive innovation – and give Henkel its unique identity. Therefore we want to further develop and boost the engagement of our people.

Maximize impact

We want to strengthen our contribution toward overcoming major global challenges, and to maximize the impact we can achieve through our operations, our brands, and our technologies. In light of the clear need to reduce emissions, Henkel is striving to become a climate-positive company. We have a clear target to reduce the carbon footprint of our production by 75 percent by 2030 and to leverage the potential of our brands and technologies to help our customers and consumers to reduce CO2 emissions. To do so, we also want to continually improve our energy efficiency by using more energy from renewable sources.