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Indicators & Progress

The indicators we record throughout the Company offer transparency in many respects. They help us to identify potential improvements, steer programs, monitor target achievement, and inform the public about our performance and progress in compact form.

As shown below by the indicators for the reporting year 2017, sustainable business practices improve not only environmental performance but business performance as well.

Economic Indicators

Sales in million euros16,35516,42818,08918,71420,029
Adjusted1 operating profit (EBIT) in million euros2,5162,5882,9233,1723,461
Adjusted return on sales (EBIT) in percent15.415.816.216.917.3
Adjusted earnings per preferred share (EPS) in euros4.074.384.885.365.85
Dividend per ordinary share in euros1.201.291.451.601.77²
Dividend per preferred share in euros1.221.311.471.621.79²

1Adjusted for one-time charges/gains and restructuring charges.

2Proposal to shareholders for the Annual General Meeting on April 9, 2018.

Ecological indicators

Amount of production in thousand metric tons7,6907,8677,9408,4569,392
Energy consumption in thousand megawatt hours2,2912,2212,3002,3762,538
Carbon dioxide emissions in thousand metric tons6541634165416851734
Water consumption in thousand cubic meters7,6427,4387,1907,6588,431
Waste for recycling and disposal in thousand metric tons2128118112120124

1 To calculate carbon dioxide emissions from bought- in energy, we use the current emissions factory of the International Energy Agency (IEA) for the relevant reporting period.

2 We have removed the share of construction and demolition waste from our footprint and shown it separately, as the presence or absence of some larger construction projects have a significant effect on our waste footprint. This has enabled us to show the performance of our sites and our progress more transparently.

Employee indicators

Employees1 (as of December 31)46,85049,75049,45051,35053,700
Proportion of female employees in percent32.933.233.633.134.3
Average number of training days per employee21.
Participation in employee share program in percent31.930.129.730.731.4
Occupational accidents per million hours worked0.

1Basis: permanent staff excluding trainees. Figures have been rounded

Social Indicators

Donations in million euros (financial and product donations, not counting paid time off from work)7,9378,2388,3167,8148,037
Number of projects supported2,4222,2653,4312,0512,124