Jayesh Shah (Head of Product Development & Research EE, India, Middle East & Africa)

“Lead candidate program was an excellent opportunity for ACM to onboard lead candidates- Rakhi Dhuria and Ramya Nair for innovation toolbox development for key programs. We had identified two innovation workstream aligning with our global ACM strategy and megatrends like sustainability and thermal management. Both candidates were great addition and contributed greatly. Rakhi worked with our KSI-1 PD Scientists Nishant and Namdev on sustainable Anaerobic program for improved product labeling and assessed greener peroxides in number of key products. The team showed true entrepreneurial spirit particularly during partial lockdown to complete big matrix of experiments covering product range of thread lockers and retaining compounds and sealants. Rakhi’s contribution both in quantity and quality was great and she is a coinventor on newly filed two global Intellectual properties. 

Another critical program is focused on e machinery market segment of ACM where better thermally conductive materials are needed to dissipate the heat from the motors. Lead candidate Ramya Nair worked with Mihir Kumar Patel for this initiative and studied effect of various thermally conductive fillers, blend in different binder system. Ramya was quick to onboard not just in product development activities but also had opportunity to work with cross functional team like suppliers, procurement team to coordinate sample, characterization equipment and conducting literature search. She showed remarkable toughness to recover from covid and managed the project in short time of 6 months. This too box shows several new to the world-novel combination which offer 50% higher thermal conductivity than the current offering and will lead to NPI in near future. Her contribution also led to IRD report and possible IP filing which is under analysis.”