Décap’Four : The specialist of burned and attached greases

For 50 years, Décap’Four developed a real expertise in terms of oven cleaning. Its technology, based on a foam with active agents, removes the deepest and most uncrested stains effortlessly.

Décap’Four Confort:
The formula Décap'Four Confort, without caustic soda, has been specially created for an effective cleaning of traditional or pyrolytic ovens without any risk.

Its foam, easy to being rinsed, and its fresh and light perfume make its use more pleasant.

Décap'Four Express:
The Décap’Four Express formula, with caustic soda, removes quickly every types of burned and persistent greases.

Find now the know-how of the Décap’Four range for chimney inserts with Décap’Feu product : An efficient formula based on an active foam that grips on smooth surfaces to cleans the most dirty surfaces in under five minutes.

Discover the Décap'Four know-how for ceramics hobs and induction plates with Décap' Vitro.

Its active foam removes burned and attached greases (milk, oil and butter projections) in under five minutes, effortlessly and without scratching your hob.

Décap’Feu 2in1: BBQ and Inserts
The 2in1 formula is especially effective on BBQ brills in Summer and glass door of inserts in Winter thanks to its active foam that adhere to the surface and then, cleans it in under five minutes.

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