Miror, well-known as brilliancy amplifier since 1911!

Miror is the expert of noble & light metal cleaning since 1911. It makes your precious metals more resistant and protects them during several months thanks to its unique anti-oxidation formula.

Miror Cuivre*
Miror Cuivre cleans entirely and makes brighter brass, bronze, aluminium, steel & zinc materials.

Thanks to the unique anti-oxidation formula of this cleaning product, the oxidation and the tarnishing process are slowed down of several months.

Miror Formule Argentil*
The Argentil formula of Miror cleans and gives brightness to silver, chromium, inox, tin, nickel, aluminium and steel materials.

Thanks to its unique anti-oxidation formula, this cleaning product slows down the oxidation and the tarnishing process of several months.